2019 Oregon chardonnay is fantastic

Been going through some of the wines I ordered from Goodfellow, Morgen Long, Trathen Hall, and Violin over the past couple months. This seems to be quite a banner vintage for chardonnay in Willamette Valley. Have opened Marcus’ Berserker Cuvee and Richard’s Cuvee and Seth’s Willamette Valley chardonnay so far, which have all been absolutely delightful with a couple hours in the decanter. Just opened the 2019 Violin Chardonnay Black Walnut Vineyard for tonight. Curious who else has been digging these wines.


I’ve bought a number of 19s, but just tasted my first via a tasting with Seth of his 19 WV, Eola, and X-Omni. Very impressed, but will sit on my bottles for awhile. Plenty of upside.

Will crack a 19 Goodfellow Temperance Chard at some point this summer. Everything else will slumber for a few years.

I have the X Omni on deck. How much air did you give it when you opened?

Seth opened for us at a tasting, so PnP. I’d pour a small glass after opening, but decant or slow ox rest for at least an hour. Really impressive wine.

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It possible the Richard’s and Temperance Hill will be open tomorrow when you’re at our place.

I am biased but I think the 2019s are a dynamite vintage. It also feels like the buzz from the winemaking community is a level up from the norm as well. Most of us are pretty proud of our Chardonnays, but there’s a lot of very genuine excitement in the winemakers I have talked to.

Seth was very high on the 2019 vintage, as I know you are too. Small sample size on my end, but color me very impressed. Trying your 19s this weekend would be great. :grinning: