2019 Lewelling - Thoughts?

Offer came out Tuesday, but did not see anything on it here.

Anyone tasted the 2019s?

I have bought their two-packs for quite a while now and will likely buy again.

Great value, but they do take a while (at least for me) to hit their stride.

$114/pair, which I think is the same as previous years.

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wow, I missed the email and now it is showing sold out - email sent with wish list request, thanks for the reminder.

I haven’t purchased every year but I’ve been on the list since the 2007 vintage. Every time I bring up a bottle from the cellar I think, “Why don’t I buy more of this?” I bought my six pack allocation this year.

+1. That was fast. Don’t remember them selling out so fast in the past, but maybe I just bought right on release.

Sent them an email wish list as well.

Dang, was too slow. I intended to be a first time buyer this year. Didn’t realize they went that fast!
Sent in a wishlist email.

Anyone familiar with the differences between the Napa Valley & Wight Vineyard?

technically they’re from the same vineyard, the Wight is simply a barrel selection.

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Would be interested if anyone has done a side-by-side of the NV and Wight from the same vintage.

I’ve always drank the NV earlier than the Wight and never side by side.

Done it lots of times. We buy a lot.
Wight does need more time—darker, richer, more barrel selectiony [cheers.gif]


I took two packs. Definitely a solid value. They sold out last year as well.

Have been buying on and off for 10 years, and still can’t decide if I should be on or off . Bought this year, and wish I bought last year.

And the wines aren’t NV, since they are from the Lewelling estate vineyards and not hodge-podge sourced fruit

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I was going to place my order tomorrow, that sucks that they sold out already.

Thanks, good to understand that.
Had visions of a blind smack-down: Lewelling vs Elyse vs Pott vs DiCo vs William & Mary vs Scarlett vs Rivers Marie vs Outpost.
Hopefully they take pity on me and grant some wish-listers so I can make that happen.

That would be an amazing tasting!


btw, last year was my first year back on the list since the 2005 vintage, and my wish list request for a case (6 2-packs) was granted. I think they hold a fair amount back, so I feel our wish lists have a pretty good chance of success.

The wines are good, my biggest complain is that at least with recent vintages, they are high alcohol, I remember well over 15 percent.

well over 15? damn. that’s crazy high.

I think they are dialing back a little but I’ll check 18s when they arrive in early Dec.

I checked on a 2017 “regular” bottling, and it was 15.4%. I had one a while ago, and remember some heat, but good balance. Heavy oak and vanilla.

I almost missed out on the '18s, but was lucky to get some via the wish list. I made sure not to wait on the '19 order this time around.

The '18 Lewelling is 15.4%.