2019 Harlan Offering

Just got the Harlan Offer. Love the wine but boy its pricey!

Harlan = $1,000 per bottle
Maiden = $350 per bottle

Definitely on the fence right now…

Anyways, its interesting that they included the following language at the bottom:

“Should our patrons wish to sell their allocation (or part of it) within two years of its initial release, it can be fairly assumed that the wines were bought with the intent of speculation rather than future drinking. This may affect future allocations.”

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What if they sell for a loss?

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Good luck selling within 2 years for any profit. They’ve squeezed the secondary market for the past decade.

To think anything is that special to warrant that wording… I’ve never bought and get the invite every year so doesn’t seem as exclusive as they’d like to think

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Lol [cheers.gif]

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I think it’s extremely easy these days to get on the “Founder’s List” for Harlan - just need to ask!

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I usually buy the Maiden……but all in with tax/ship it is nearly $400/bottle this year. :grimacing:

Just 5 years ago release price for Harlan was $650/bottle. Now it’s $1000. No thanks. With some patience you can find single bottles through auctions for “just” $600-$700

People wanting a taste of the Harlan experience need to get on The Mascot mailing list. Fantastic QPR at $100/bottle. Plus, great juice!


I’m scared promontory will end up that way as well. Praying it won’t. Fingers crossed.

I’m in for a case of each! [cheers.gif]

Given that nobody can actually resell those for a profit in the next two years, the cynic in me might guess that the purpose of putting it on there is to imply to customers that they’re getting below-market pricing from the winery and thus encourage them to buy.

I dropped when Harlan Estate went over $200.

Anyone want a bottle of ‘01 or ‘02 for current release price? I feel comfortable selling within their guidelines.

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How would they know?

I may have gone for 600-700 a bottle but for 1000 I’ll find something elsewhere.

Got the offer I think because I bought Promontory. 1000/btl is just to much.

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Exactly. Total PR to make you think there is an upside to this price. The secondary markets are filled with Harlan at less than 1GR


I’m not so sure. I bought 2013 for $800 and it was $750 for '12. I think you have to go back a few more years for $650.

I honestly had no idea what The Mascot was until I looked it up. I did find the quote which is dead center at the top of the fron page from Bill Harlan pretty comical though.

“The Mascot began as an experimental project, born of the desire to create a wine that I could share with friends.


Even he can’t afford to share his own wine with friends at 1k per bottle. He had to create another brand for that. [rofl.gif]


No more M. Etain and no more Maiden for me. I will be happy with what I get offered from The Mascot. If I want a bottle of Harlan I am content with buying one on K&L auctions for $1500 with a little bit of age on it than I am having to buy 3 of them for $1,000 that I’ll drink I’m old, bitter & alone.

Or goto Oakville Grocery and taste it like I did back in July. 1oz - $65 | Half Glass $163 | Full Glass $325

It was a 2016 Harlan for $1,550 a bottle

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This is absolutely precious.