2019 Elena Walch 20/26 Rose Dolomiti

Pardon my French, but I am so Effing tired of drinking my own wine! Normally I drive to call on stores from Maine to Connecticut and browse for interesting things to ry.

I had to go to Portland today, went to my distributor and picked up 3 mixed cases; 1, 2 and 3 each of 18 different wines. With Mac 'n local cheddar tonight, this is first up:

Pretty bright pink bubblegum color, not as light as most. The aromas explode on first pour with red cherries, roses and sage. The palate has some welcome richness, more weight than I would expect from the Alps, dry but not a patio-pounder all-acid gulper. The flavors are almost stately, with both heft and precision, some intricacy and some conifer notes behind the primary red fruit, floral and herbal notes. This is a beauty; apparently retails in the upper teens, excellent value. Rated 90.5. Drink up. I’m taking my own advice.

Dan Kravitz

Sounds lovely Dan, will be on the lookout for this!