2018 Patricia Raquin Chablis VV

OK, I maybe should said TN first but I don’t want to start off with that and instead prefer to make the observation that there is no mention of this wine in all of this Board’s archives. I found it on a retailer’s shelf and I am willing to admit that I was drawn to the unusual bottle shape, somewhat like a cheap chianti without the weave, and the wax capsule artfully draped by a single drip down the bottle (unlike the Philistine in every way Belle Glos disgrace). Then there is the weird combo of a classically formatted French label with two animals on either side that I took to be seals until reading that they are Russian Wolfhounds.
So what do we have here? Well, it’s kind of a pedestrian overachiever so far as I can tell. It’s got a loud nose though rather simple-polite lime zest. lemon curd, and very clean campfire/matchstick. It gets knocked down in the complexity department-it’s about as complicated as a Capital One commercial (does it make a difference if it’s Samuel L. or Jennifer?) but it’s chiseled and crisp and there is little or no detectable oak.
33 years ago my wife could not cook. I bought her the first Silver Palate cookbook. Chicken Marbella has been a staple of hers ever since The Silver Palate’s Chicken Marbella Recipe - NYT Cooking This little gem comes alive with this tired old recipe.

Never heard of this producer, but have had chicken marbella multiple times, love it BBQ’d.

Negociant. Kysela imports it.
ChickMarbella is ok. Weird but true-my wife always made fun of my grandma Sylvia-behind her back-for always making “Chicken Hawaiian”-a Betty Crocker or Better Housekeeping concoction of chicken and pineapple that was befitting of the secular Jews from Massapequa Long Island that my grandparents were. My grandpa never seemed to mind. This is our family’s “Chicken Hawaiian”.

Admittedly I hate prunes so I take a little poetic license and use dried apricots or golden raisins and omit brown sugar.

It’s different alright-