2018 Ceritas Charles Heintz Chardonnay

Last night I randomly selected this wine to take to a friend’s house. What a great wine!

A nose of honey that you could smell a short distance across the room. The honey was wrapped in Meyer Lemon (non-astringent) on the nose, with both following to the palate. A mouthfilling viscosity at mid-palate,
and a finish that lasted until the next sip.

An elixir that is very very special. Earns a “wish I had made this one” from this Cabernet producer.


Nice. :slight_smile:

Classy critique!

It’s great. I personally prefer the Zephyr one, but all Raytek’s wines are outstanding.

I love Ceritas for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. I’ve found with Chardonnay’s that I’ve had (vintages 2011 - 2013), they show great young, becomes subdued for a bit at around 5 years, and then come alive from there in a big way. I need to look for new vintages, and this looks like a good place to start. Thanks for the note!

I can’t get enough of these wines. They are so fresh and electric. Hard to go wrong with Ceritas, but the Heintz is one of my favorite designates they bottle. The 2018 did not disappoint.