2017 vintage

Looking for special wines that will last decades as 2017 is
My wedding year any recommendations? Price range is up to 1st growth Bordeaux. Generally we like Cali Cabs, Bordeaux, Syrah etc.

I mean, you were asking about DRC before; this would be a fantastic year to put away the DRC RSV, but might be out of your price range unless you’re including Petrus in your “first growth bdx” category.

Lasting decades?

For Burgundy: Lignier CDLR, Angerville Ducs, Lafarge Chenes, Barthod Cras/Fuees, Mongeard-Mugneret GE or Richebourg
For Cali: Ridge Monte Bello, Dunn Howell Mountain, Heitz MV
For Syrah: Allemand Reynard, Chave Hermitage, Jamet CR

As I understand it, 2017 was an incredible year for Pomerol in Bordeaux. I dont know about St Emilion, but if you can get some high end Pomerol like L’Eglise Clinet, etc, you wont go far wrong tbh. My 2017 EP purchase of Canon has dropped a bit in recent months, CT has it scoring a 93 point average which is OK but probably not worth writing home about.

I bought Usseglio Mon Aieull 2017 for my wedding anniversary wine, and some Clos Des Papes which is supposed to be incredible in that vintage too.

Last time I tried it, too, Hermitage (La Chapelle & La Greal) were scoring very well.

2017 Le Pin has dropped a bit since release, so I dunno… Lafleur might be well worth a look at if you’re considering dropping that sort of coin too.

The 2017 Vintage Ports are reputed to be excellent. And decades are what they do best.

2017 Vintage Ports have been described as the best since 1945. I wasn’t around back then to confirm, but the 2017’s I’ve had have been terrific.

Planning on picking up a DRC for maybe our 25th anniversary.

Seconded. The Douro table wines are equally excellent. I’m thinking of the higher level ones - Quinta do Crasto Vinha da Ponte, Quinta do Vale Meão, Quinta Vale Dona Maria, etc.

These 4 if have tried and highly recommend:

2017 Ridge Monte Bello
2017 Pichon Baron
2017 Graham’s Vintage Port
2017 Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port

Have fun with the hunt!

17 rsv would be a good choice, a lot of ppl think it may be one of the best ever

2017 is an excellent vintage in Germany. I recommend the wines of Falkenstein.

In Burgundy, I have enjoyed wines from Producers I know well like Hudelot-Noellat, Mugneret-Gibourg, d’Angerville, and Clerget and one that is pretty new for me, Trapet. For more on 2017 Burgundies, see My thoughts about the Paulee Grand Tasting this year - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

Those are excellent tips, particularly on the Volnays.

Thanks. So many Burgundy lovers focus on wine from the CdN, but Volnay can be really good, although they need time and are not the bargains they used to be.

I put away a couple each of ‘17 Dunn HM and Dominus from Napa for my son’s birth year. Also some Taylor Fladgate vintage port, as has been recommended.

Les Carmes Haut Brion got great reviews and is still available for well under $100.

Ridge Monte Bello.

In my opinion 2017 was not a great year for many California wines, especially since 2018 was such a great vintage immediately following. But the 2017 wines I’ve tasted from the Monte Bello property have been superb across the board, and the Monte Bello itself is truly spectacular.

Chave Hermitage 2017 (red) is a great great wine, stunning balance, depth and complexity, high 90s

Looking for special wines that will last decades as 2017 is
My wedding year any recommendations? Price range is up to 1st growth Bordeaux. Generally we like Cali Cabs, Bordeaux, Syrah etc.

I think that you shoudl start from reading this article

Monte Bello is not from Napa or Sonoma so that the general vintage thoughts for California wine do not always apply to it. For example (and I only tasted it young), my guess is that the 2011 will be much better than most Napa or Sonoma cabs.

Chambolle Amoureuses from Roumier or Mugnier if you are rich or then Groffier, Drouhin… if you want another bottle then les Malconsorts (same pronunciation as “les males qu’on sort” meaning “the males one takes out…”)

I bought both 2009 and 2012 Bichot versions (Amoureuses and Malconsorts) and then I splashed on one Amoureuses Mugnier 2015 and 1 Malconsorts Dujac 2015 and a 2017 Drouhin/Dujac combination for the 2017 vintage… and then add a Amour de Deutz Blanc de Blancs for good measure…

which will be great anyway! If you are poor Beaujolais Saint Amour.

If you like Riesling, you may choose a bottle of Von Schubert (romantic music) or a Julian Haart Schubertslay (now taken back by Keller)

For sure, though in my opinion 2017 also wasn’t that incredible across Californian regions beyond Napa and Sonoma. Santa Barbara County and Sierra Foothills, for example - I think 2017 was arguably the weakest vintage of the last 5 years there, too.

Santa Cruz Mountains admittedly I have had fewer 2017s from, though the wines from
Monte Bello have been uniformly excellent.