2017 Ponson Blanc de Mueniers Les Plaines 1er Cru

In December I was shopping locally for a chardonnay wine gift for a good friend. During that shopping I noticed a 100% pinot meunier Champagne from Ponson. I knew nothing about it but I’m a sucker for champagnes that are mostly pinot meunier so I picked it up. Egly-Ouriet’s 100% pinot meunier was my gateway wine into this group of Champagnes. The Ponson is the 2017 Blanc de Meuniers Les Plaines 1er Cru extra brut. Disgorgement date was April 27 2021.

Last night we had some friends over for oysters followed by shrimp, scallop, and mixed veggie tempura. With no expectation for the Ponson Champagne I opened it to serve with the Long Island and PEI oysters. On pouring the wine showed very nice fine bubbles that brought that slight brioche noise to the glass rim. On first sip I was in heaven. My first flavor recognition was for the orchard fruits and in particular pear and ambrosia apple. A good acidity and yeast flavor delicately played in the background of the orchard fruits. All of this is in balance with a low residual sugar indicative of the extra brut designation. Overall, I liked this champagne better than E-O’s pinot meunier bottling, which I still like quite a bit. The price point of ~$50 makes this champagne a winner in my book. The only problem is that I do not think this Ponson, and others, are widely available around the US. I will go back to my local wine shop to try another bottling and see if they can get me more of the 2017 Blanc de Meuniers.

One other note is that this is from the Pascal Ponson domaine that is now run by his son Maxime. Pascal unfortunately passed away at 59 years old relatively soon after his son Maxime joined the domaine. My understanding is that Maxime has helped improve the viticulture and maintains his father’s winemaking tradition. From what I can tell this is separate domaine from the Champagne house of Bonnet-Ponson.

Cheers, Gary

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You can fine them often on collectiblefinewine.com

The Source also has a great write up. Champagne Ponson & Paul Gadiot - The Source


Thank you Josh. I will be definitely be trying some other wines from Ponson…Cheers, Gary