2017 Janasse CdP Vieilles Vignes...

…is absolutely outstanding, stunning even.

Although I wasn’t in a position to take formal notes, this one killed me so much I had to post something and I’m still in a mild state of shock at just how much this wine wowed. Because if the 2005 Janasse VV caused me to really start questioning modern CdP, the 2007 iteration basically killed any love remaining for the appellation - just sooooooooo spoofy and over-ripe yuck.

And okay, the 2017 VV is still a large-scaled wine, 15% abv and certainly concentrated; that said, ooze monster it is not and even more surprisingly, the fruit was fresh, vibrant and pure as opposed to the pruny, chocolate covered raisin flavors I’ve grown accustomed to loathing from modern CdP, especially Janasse. What really killed? The incredible nose, which was easily one of the most floral and herbaceous noses I’ve ever experienced from CdP…so amazing. Honestly, I’d compare it to a modern-style producer from Napa making larger-scaled wines that “wow” upon release like Realm. And on that note, probably best to drink this one right now before it shuts down or the fruit loses any vibrancy…would be the perfect French wine to impress someone with a Napa palate.

Anyway, never thought I’d say my WOTY is a bottle of Janasse yet here we are! Then again, I could be going insane…although I did love a bottle of Ziereisen Spätburgunder the night before, so maybe my AFWE creds are still somewhat intact?? Good thing the year is young and tons of time left to do better!


How would you compare it to '16?

Never tasted it, haven’t had a Janasse since the 2015 CdR, which I really disliked.

Dumb question but after 2+ years of trying to figure out wine, what is concentration?

It’s all relative to body, a more concentrated wine like Meomi Pinot would be considered full-bodied vs. a lighter-body wine like any generic Bourgogne Rouge.

I think most people use the term to describe the intensity of flavor, just as you would say a chicken broth is “light”, or “concentrated”. It’s actually one term that has a pretty clear meaning when most people use it.

I think Alan has it right, I’m not agreement with Alex’s interpretation. Alex seems to be talking more about weight than concentration. A heavy wine is not ipso facto a more concentrated wine. A higher ABV wine is also not necessarily a more concentrated wine. They are just bigger and heavier. I’ve had lower ABV wines like Beaujolais and Kabinett that are also lighter or just medium in body but are ridiculously concentrated.

I’ll defend Alex, because I think he’s saying essentially the same thing, though I do think relying just on the “full body” vs “Lighter body” characteristic is a little risky. As Alf says, you can have a lighter body wine that is quite concentrated in flavor. And I’ve had full bodied wines that were pretty impenetrable, without a lot of obvious fruit concentration.

I cannot defend him. He referenced Meomi. He should be banned.

And PS. Alex and I are in agreement on the Thivin, and attacking you accordingly.

:slight_smile:. :wink:

Since Brother Alfert has posted twice in this thread, I assume this wine is in his wheelhouse.

Thanks, all. Makes complete sense.

Thread drift. My bad

Yeah, I was trying to dumb it down a bit…not very surprised Alfert didn’t see this :wink: neener

But yeah, if I was to expand I’ve also heard it used for concentration of fruit, which to me speaks of brix, acidity and also abv. Certainly most dessert wines would be considered concentrated, same with many ports. So if concentration of fruit also implies flavor, we’re all in general agreement (although I do think you can have a very concentrated wine that isn’t particularly flavorful or distinctive).


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