2017 Gonon

Perhaps not the power and depth of ’15 and ’16, but both beautiful, highly aromatic wines.

2017 Pierre Gonon Vin de Pays de l’Ardèche Les Iles Feray: Smells of menthol, red berry, rose petals and earth. It is elegant in the mouth, with ripe berry fruits and some dried herb action. It is only mid-weight but perfectly balanced and finishing with crisp acid crunch. Day two and the delicious core of raspberries became more prominent.

2017 Pierre Gonon St. Joseph: Relatively tight, showing but a whiff of menthol, some dried flowers and blackberry. It is compact, well-proportioned and highly perfumed. Length is very good and balance impeccable.

Thanks Jeremy for the notes. Always appreciate your data on WB & CT.

The 2017 is really delicious…
Also from magnum

Did Fu piss you off too?

No, but he’s pissing me off now, cause I can’t take delivery of the 2017s until Fall! Too dang hot.

Nice notes, these sound wonderful. Less powerful is not a bad thing at all, especially considering 2015 and 2016 are big wines.

2017 reminds me of 2010 champagne.gif

I am almost afraid to ask, but how much do the 2017’s go for now?

Suddenly we’ve got a mad run on who can open the youngest Gonon. I’m so old I can remember when we used to WAIT to open Gonon St. Joseph!

I’m gonna go crack a '20

K&L posted I think a case of 2016 and 2017 in the last few days at $120. It was gone within an hour, so someone (not me) is very willing to pay that price.

Not yet [cheers.gif]
When he does I will open a 1996 Allemand Reynard. It might now be within the window

In your office?

I have a not-so-secret crush on N. Rhône wines from 1996. Sounds like a reason to travel to Orlando for the first annual Fu You Offline.

I have had a few very exciting wines from 96
Both from Cote Rotie and Cornas
They have been spellbinding
This “only” the Chaillot, but…

I actually really like Gonon young and tend to drink quite a few as soon as they arrive.


I got a 96 juge!

Looks like the extra 10 bucks was a breaking point…


$130 and been there for 2 days now

Maybe the economy’s starting to tank…

Wasn’t everybody complaining about $79 for the St. Joseph a mere vintage or two ago?

This has been available at Bassins for a few weeks now on pre-arrival for $99.