2017 Clark – Claudon Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley ‘Wild Lily’

Elegant, attractive bottle with a pretty fanciful name.

The color is medium straw. The aromas have grassy notes, with something faintly floral underneath, a hint of hay. Thankfully no grapefruit, but no other citrus. The palate is moderately rich and rather soft for an upscale Sauvignon Blanc, even approaching 3 years of age. The flavors follow the aromas. There’s nothing wrong here, but nothing much right. This is a bland, generic bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. There are hints of precision in the flavors, but this lacks cut. Rated 85, drink up, probably a few points better on release. You can’t win ‘em all. Meh.
I got this for $16, apparently full retail is $39, which approaches criminal. Too bad, I’ve enjoyed their Cabernets in a number of vintages.

Dan Kravitz

Dan - Is this Wild Iris? From Last Bottle? I picked up a few if yes to both. Thought it was worth a chance at $16. Oh well.


Yes, Wild iris, sorry about the flowers… that’s normally Sally’s bailiwick , misremembered the flower.

The wine is OK, drink it yesterday. It’s drinkable and obviously not financial ruination. I actually blended it with another mediocre Sauvignon Blanc tonight and it helped both a little, will post on that tomorrow.

Dan Kravitz