2017 Becklyn Horizontal, Santa Rosa - Rosso’s

Time to take a look at the ‘17 Becklyn lineup. I have one of ea for this offline. Who’s up for this? In the coming few weeks, maybe a week night? 5-6 people, 8 max.

1 ‘18 Sauv Blanc
1 ‘17 Napa Cab
1 ‘17 Moulds
1 ‘17 Missouri Hopper
1 ‘17 Pangkarra

Where: Pizzeria Rosso, Santa Rosa

When: TBD, sooner than later. Early December?

Brian Tuite
Ben Mandler
Stephen Chen - After 12/16

Looking forward to any notes on these!

Hey Brian
Great idea. I have been buying Becklyn for 3 or 4 years and 0nly have opened the regular cabs. Especially curious about the Missouri Hopoer . Look forward to the notes.

Updated post heading. I want to go horizontal to make the wine pour vertical down my gullet.

All the Becklyn ‘17s, horizontally.

I’d be up for this! Tasted the ‘15 Missouri Hopper recently and was very impressed, and I haven’t been back to Rosso’s yet since I moved here. I don’t have any Becklyn to contribute myself but could bring something else perhaps?

I have all the wines, I just need people to help drink them. If you’re game I’ll put you in the list. Rosso normally waives corkage for offlines.

Who else?

Interested if you’ll have me but out of town until the 16th…

Sounds great. I’m definitely game.

This is going to be a tough time of year to pull this off anyhow so depending on participation levels the date is still TBD. I’ll add you to the list, glad to have you!