2016 Thomas

I always look forward to reading John’s postcards and was excited to see a little purple envelope in today’s mail. Witty as always, and prices remain unchanged from last year.

Thanks for the heads up. I’m on the lookout for mine now!

Evidently my reading comprehension was off last night. Slight price increases from last year (Joe 5Pak is $370 vs. $360 last year).

Postcard arrived today in Chicagoland!


I have not checked the mail in three days, I guess that is my task for the evening. I opened a 2015 earlier this afternoon and decanted it. I am really trying to cut my wine buying off for the rest of the year, but wanted to try a bottle tonight to make the final decision.

Reveived the note. My Joe 5 pack at $400.
I started with the 2011 vintage, so maybe lower for longer term supporters. Fine with it

My Joe 5 is 415 but this is only my second offering so your theory appears to be correct.

Maybe it costs more to ship to where you live? His prices always include shipping…so I’d assume that over the idea that he gives a better price to long-term buyers. I’ve only been buying from John since the 2011 vintage also. However, I really, really wish I had gotten my act together back when I was initially offered the 2008’s and balked because I was fresh out of grad school and on a tight budget.

What do Clarence Thomas and the last three vintages have in common?

Only once in the past twenty-five years has Justice Thomas spoken from the bench. During the same period, only once has Oregon enjoyed three warm vintages back-to-back. Logically, there’s no connection here. If there is we can only hope that the Illuminati are responsible because, thankfully, they don’t tweet. In the meantime Brother Clarence, silence is golden.

Compared to 2015, this vintage, like Justice Thomas, sports a bit of heft around the middle. It features a liberal splash of color, a conservative dollop of French oak and moderate (a word not in wide circulation) alcohol – 13.4% to be exact. All in all, a rather elegant offering from a full-throated vintage. So enjoy a glass while pondering life’s thornier issues, such as: why did the postal service issue red & blue versions of the same stamp?

The 2016 was picked on October 2nd, destemmed 100% (stems were neon green this year) and fermented with indigenous yeasts. After twenty-three months in barrel it was bottled by gravity & hand-corked. It should prove enjoyable through multiple administrations.

Stay Calm & Keep the Corkscrew Handy

Difference in $$ corresponds to shipping costs it would appear. I’m east coast and $415 for me too…been buying directly for at least 10 years.

Yea, this is a no-brainer for me each year.

No mailer here yet and no mail since it is Columbus Day. Stupid holiday!


Careful John or your release notes will get moved to Politics [snort.gif]


Is there a way to email him to request to be added to the list or is it all done via snail mail?

There may well be but I did it through the USPS.

I signed up by leaving a message at this number: 503-852-6969

Based on card this year, number appears to have changed to 503.857.6591. Email is: thomaswinery@gmail.com

I “signed up” by sending a good, old-fashioned letter by parcel post. It was kind of nice, actually.

Sent my check in the day after I received the letter and it was cashed today.