2016 Pichon Baron $165

Reputable retailer has it at $165. Buy or pass at that level. Seems like a good deal.

Advice appreciated as I’ve never tried it. Would buy to drink in a few years.

$165 in line with CT average value (which I assume is mostly EP purchases) and auction pricing. No need to rush, as many U.S. retailers have it at that same price and many UK retailers as well (net of tax and shipping, but not tariff). So this is a fair price that you can transact at globally, but not a steal, and no need to rush your decision.

Thanks. That’s what I thought. Always wanted to try it and 2016 is looking to be an excellent vintage. Appreciate your input.

I had the wine at Pichon Baron a couple years ago. It is on par with the (superlative) 2010. No comment on price, but it’s a wine I would want in my cellar for sure.

That’s equal to the WS low price so it’s a decent price.

It’s a fair price but be aware that this wine needs at least a decade of additional sleep before you will get your money’s worth.


How about the 2018 Les Griffons?

2nd wine of Pichon Baron
I should probably wait a couple years at least, but, I heard it is a pretty good 2nd wine.

42.99 + NJ Tax

I grabbed two and want to try one now just to see if I should get more.

Maybe decant now for the Super Bowl later just to see.

Snagged this at Costco for $155, so there are def better prices out there. [cheers.gif]

If you’re patient, you should be able to find it at a better price on an upcoming sale from a major retailer. HDH had it for around 140 on their sale a couple months ago.

Also, updated reviews both from Neal Martin and some friends personal experiences aren’t loving it as much as they did before. It’s possible that the 2015 could end up being the better And cheaper of the two.

2016 Bdx should definitely end up better across the board but that doesn’t mean every wine will be of course. I liken 2015/2016 to a lot of past back to back vintages that can be producer to producer. Or even flip the general perception years down the road. Ie. 85/86, 89/90, 09,10.

Griffons is excellent. I loved the 2015 and 2016, and it was also very approachable. If you are looking for a drinker, it’s a winner.

Co-signed on the '16 Griffons, I was pretty astonished at how rich and fully-formed it was for a young second wine. Enjoyed a bottle over this last summer and would love to get my hands on more. Also, re: the OP’s question, this might belong more in the wine.com thread but they’ve had 2016 PB in stock on and off over the last year (not currently). With coupons, I got a couple bottles for around $100 each, so might be worth keeping an eye out if you’re willing to wait and play the coupon game.

$165 is a very fair price. Might you find it elsewhere a bit cheaper? Sure. Might you not find it elsewhere a bit cheaper? Yep, that could happen, too.