2016 La Clarine Farm Mourvedre Cedarville. - ADDING a note on the Syrah El Dorado 2.12.19

I cannot recall why I bought this. Bueker? Seems like something you would recommend.

Showed up in my Chambers deliveries. I did not even remember buying it.

Damn is this a fun, tasty, gulpable wine. Popped - well, unscrewed - and poured to pair with a grilled filet rare with sear, some broiled greens and roasted potatoes. This wine cuts right through the decadence of the meat, so light and bright in profile, excellent acids and low alcohol. Fresh comes to mind. Pepper, game and red citrus fruits on the nose. Crunchy red fruits on the palate, blood orange citrus, mild plum note. Crisp finish.

Not overly complex, just completely satisfying. Have no clue how a wine like this ages but who cares, drink it now.

(90 pts.)

Your notes describe how I find that wine as well. I often use the word savory for his reds. The Summa Kaw syrah is generally my favorite and this second.

Thanks for the note. I am a fan of Hank’s wines. I have limited experience with aging them, but that experience indicates they age well. He uses a lot of whole-cluster ferments, I believe, and no new oak. Always fun to taste his new releases. I believe I have a few of these somewhere.

Back from sushi night, had about 1/4 bottle left from last night. Showing even a bit better on night two, with a more expressly range of dried to wild red fruits, strawberries, raspberries and pomegranite. Finished with a crisp and slightly bitter note of fruit pit. A ridiculously gulpable, enjoyable wine.

Just as gulpable as the mourvedre. A lip-smackingly good, but not necessarily profound, wine. Meant to be enjoyed, to pair with foods. Better on night two. Pepper spice, wild red fruits and citrus. Dances on the palate, very vibrant acidity, raspberry and cranberry puree, and yes, hate me for the reference, blood orange.

I cannot recall what I paid for this wine, but I think it’s inexpensive. This is an excellent mid-week quaffer. Happy to unscrew at any time. Makes me smile.

I think this is NV, a blend of 2015 and 2016.

(90 pts.)

Thanks for the notes. These sound interesting and fun — a perfect weeknight wine.

Your joy for wine is apparent in every note. Thank you for generously sharing.

I followed this up with a Levet Amethyste. Oh mama…