2016 Birth Year Wine

My son is a 2016 kiddo, what would you be buying if your kiddo was 2016 birth year?

Double mag of canon and double mag of calon segur from BDX
16 piedmont is looking awesome
16 burgundy will have a heap of gems in red wine.
You have heaps of great choices

Yep, lots of choice on 2016. We had our first child last year and I went long on Mas de Daumas Gassac, which made an excellent white as well as a great red for mid to long term drinking. I’ll also buy a fair bit of Bordeaux but am in no hurry on that front. I don’t expect prices will increase from release (and may in some cases drop), so will probably wait three or four years before I buy anything. In general though, I’m buying a lot of '16s from Languedoc; including a boatload of Faugeres and Terasses de Larzac.

Easy choice is Bordeaux. Generally considered a very good vintage and you have a wealth of producers with a track-record of going long. Montrose. Leoville Barton. Pichon Baron. Grand Puy Lacoste. Perhaps a First Growth or La Mish. Reads like Northern Rhone and Southern Rhone are strong as well.

While Bordeaux is (most probably) fine - and Burgundy not bad either - the greatest success in France seems to be Rhone-valley: in CdP it´s definitely great, and in the North also really outstanding
(Hermitage, Cote-Rotie, Cornas …) - so lots of choices …

From the majority of the reviews both Pichon’s appear to be outstanding wines, if you are looking for Bordeaux.


Lots of diapers!!!

If you want a sleeper grand cru red Burgundy that you could probably find in magnum, look for Chantal Remy’s Latricières-Chambertin. Not the other wines in the cellar, just the Latricières.

Really nothing right now… since i doubt any of it is being sold, (unless it’s pre-arrival/EP type sales)?

Read that 2016 Northern and Southern Rhone will be pretty fantastic as well.

I could buy a lot of wine with the diaper money so far…a lot!

Thanks everyone.

All good suggestion Alfert…will probably add Pontet Canet. Like the Pichon suggestions and had forgotten about GPL.

Gerhard, I plan on some CdP but 20 years is a long time for CdP, maybe Mordoree, Charvin and Beaucastel.

Northern Rhone for sure.

Be curious on some specific producers and wines from L-R Eric?

I had 3 grand nephews/nieces born in 2017. If I buy something for them, what would hold up in their parents relatively warm houses (no wine cellars or basements)?

Huet Vouvrays

Good shout, will grab some in next week.

Several threads on this concept, very cool you all are doing it. My son was born in 1998, never even thought of it. Not sure I could afford, then, what I would want to mature for him anyway - the Mouton bottle is killer. May go get it now. The problem is, he, like many kids his age, does not like wine. He would be much happier with a six-pack of January 2018 Natty Lite and a Cuban cigar. But, I do have 2 years more to groom him.

Pichon Lalande and Conseillante in quantity.
Maybe a few bottles of first growths.

For CdP in a fine year like 2016 20 years is nothing, if you stick to good (and more traditional) producers.

Sure Pegau, Beaucastel, but also Bois de Boursan ! (sold also as Jean-Paul VERSINO in Europe), usually a bargain, but will be released late this year or only in 2019 … great from casks …
Charvin, Marcoux, Les Cailloux (with “x”), Mont Olivet, Roger Sabon (Prestige), Vieux Telegraph, Domaine Ferrand, Bosquet des Papes, Lucien Barrot, Pierre Usseglio (Regular) … Vieux Donjon …

it doesn´t have to be Mordoree (which is fine) or the special cuvees - nor Rayas, Bonneau (probably not existing in 2016), Clos du Caillou (without “x”) Quartz or Reserve, Chapoutier (Barbe Rac, Croix de Bois) …

Since you are ITB and presumably have some intel, what’s the buzz on some producers that nailed it in 2016?

I have my short list of “buy every year” wines, but curious as to your buying interest.

Many great choices already mentioned. I’d add Ridge Monte Bello - ‘16 will be very good.