2015 Promontory Offering

Just got an email from my first Promontory offering. 3 bottles $1,800. Pretty steep, but I’m considering it.

Has anybody tasted Promontory recently and can offer thoughts?

Love the wines. I really like what they are doing. I tasted the 2015 out of barrel and thought it was going to be a really good wine. Took my full allocation. BTW, the tasting experience there is second to none, starting with one of the most stunning wineries you will ever visit.

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I received the offer as well. On a normal year, I would purchase, but since covid, I’ve been cutting back on purchases a lot more.

If I somehow stay on the list, I’ll get their 2016s next year.

Was mailed a VERY EXPENSIVE marketing package from them detailing their vision, the land and their dedication to everything wine. The paper stock was something from Dubai royalty. The stamp alone was $5. Aaaaaaaaaand it was to tell me I didn’t make their allocation. Spare no expense…

Do you know how they manage their list? Will folks who don’t purchase this year get dropped next year?

Hah, that seems to be the Harlan way based on mailers I’ve gotten from them from their various brands.

Yeah the photos look stunning. How would you describe their style vs. other cabs you buy?

I’m on their founders list, I signed up when I visited the winery last fall, but only for one bottle a year. I haven’t tried any other “high end” Napa Cabs like Harlan, Screagle, etc, but this one is elegant, smooth, complex unlike anything I had tried prior to visiting the winery (which is why I signed up for an annual allocation). I plan on making Promontory my annual Xmas wine once they start getting a few years on it.

Personally, I have no clue. But I’ve been wanting to make a visit to the winery ever since they opened, so hopefully I’ll get more insight if I get the opportunity to visit later this year.

If someone doesn’t want to take their allocation, please let me know. Happy to take it out of your hands! :slight_smile:

How do these compare to Colgin. Colgin is my big splurge wine.

That’s hilarious and made me sign up. Says 2-3 years wait. Maybe I’ll make their 2018’s!

I erroneously signed up a few years ago, thinking I might get to purchase some almost-Screagle-juice for about $100/bottle or something. How wrong was I. Offer just the other day for a 3-pack for $1800 (gulp). But if anyone wants it, let me know.

You may want to PM post #10, Adam

Thank you, just sent Rodrigo a PM.

I just got this in the mail! Had a $5 postage stamp on it!

Do you know how they manage their list? Will folks who don’t purchase this year get dropped next year?

I’ve been buying since 2009 vintage, skipped the 2011 offering and did not get dropped. Not sure about current practice.