2015 Maximin Grünhaus - MOSEL rocks!

On wednesday I attended a Maximin Grünhaus tasting @ CORDOBAR by Lars Kabiersch/estate Maximin Grünhaus.
CORDOBAR is the best winebar in Berlin and one of the best cooks of the city works there too.

Bottom-line, this tasting again proved that 2015 is an awesome vintage at the Mosel.

2015 Estate Riesling trocken
Excellent estate Riesling. Convinced me by its fineness and flavors of blossoms or spring meadow. Great value. And if you are new to trocken Riesling this is a good opportunity to start with.

2015 Abtsberg Grosse Lage trocken
Quite closed at the moment.

2015 Abtsberg Superior
WOW, that´s great. A Grand Cru on feinherb level. Shows playfulness, refinement and lightness 18g RS
Strong buy recommendation for 22 Euro.

2011 Fusion
Riesling in von Winning-style. 18 months in new 228l barrels. Grapes come from the Abtsberg and tasted rather like a Chardonnay. A wine which you should be concentrated on, you discover new facets by every sip. Needs big stemware. Just 900 bottles.

2015 Gutsriesling feinherb
Fresh and tangy. But tastes more like a lemonade, not my cup of Riesling.

2015 Herrenberg Kabinett
Too earthy. I still prefer more the elegant style. Flavors of matured apples.

2015 Herrenberg Spätlese
Magic lightness and elegance. And still quite pure and linear. Strong BUY recommendation for 16 Euro at the estate.

2015 Herrenberg Auslese

Finally, as the estate Maximin Grünhaus is new member of the VDP, the estate will release 2 Grosse Gewächse in autumn.


Thanks for the report. Question – what do you mean by “rough” on the Herrenberg kabinett?


Martin, how can you make bold statements like that!?? I’ve heard from reputable ( [shock.gif] ) sources here that 2015 is not such a stellar vintage. Heck, who knows…it might even be average.

By the way, agree on the Grünhaus wines.

From all the reports that I have been reading, 2015 is considered a very good vintage so not sure where you are coming from madame.

me thinks Mr K speaks with tongue in cheek, or perhaps, hand in pocket…

YES, Miran is just joking.

BTW, as I see the development of the 2016 vintage right now, I strongly recommend to buy 2015 as much as you can.