2015 M Etain

Release is at noon EST. Anyone buying? Thinking it should be a nice vintage.

I’m in. Bought my allocation of a 2-pack.

I couldn’t get on to the site. Will try later.


$350 for a two bottle set in wood… plus shipping… Hmmm… on the fence… never purchased this but have the last two vintages of scarecrow… Thoughts?

Probably all gone already. Only made about 400 cases this year which is 1/3 of normal

Well with that being said I bought it… birth year wine for my daughter… So the interesting thing is as soon as my order processed I receive the email with the offer…

Same thing happened to me. If its not gone already I cant imagine it lasting much longer. Only allocating 2 bottles a person probably helped spread it a bit more

Sold out already.

I ordered around 9:05 and got the email at 10:30ish. They sent the reminder that the offer was open without any regard for whether you placed an order already.

Hmm having non-buyers remorse lol

In for my allocation of a two-pack.

Bummed since last year they allocated me 8 bottles and I scooped up all of them.

This 2015 effort should be Next Level.

Awesome that the wine was sold out when the email was sent.

Missed the offering, all sold out. I’ll be more prepared for Scarecrow in the Spring!

In for 2 pack this morning @9am.

Also I found it funny they had an optional wishlist dropdown as well. However, I doubt I’d get the additional wishlist 2pk seeing as this is already sold out…

Easy pass. $175/btl for a “2nd” wine and so many other great cabs out there for less. They’ve really mastered the marketing on this one.

+1. I stopped buying these a few years ago because of the constant price increases. What was the original release price for Scarecrow? I’m pretty sure it was a bit less than this.

Is $175 a lot for Estate Cabernet from Napa for a proven wine/winery that gets good scores from professional reviewers? don’t know-just asking .

But it sure doesn’t need a wooden box to add to the cost.


It’s “leftover” Estate Cabernet from Napa. I suppose in good vintages and with proper blending it could turn out to be pretty good, but that’s not how I like to go in on a wine that’s priced at $175/btl. I can get Materium at near that price ($185). There are just too many better, 1st wines out there for much less.

The M’Etain as a 2nd wine beats 90% of the 1st wines coming out of Napa these days.