2014 Turley Juvenile

I am seriously just crushing bottles of this wine this summer. Gotta be my QPR of the year (although the 13 Dry Creek Vineyard Old Vine Zin I also opened tonight is in the same ballpark).

Wide open at P&P with medium + body, red fruited/peppery nose, and cranberry, rhubarb, and allspice on the palate. Drink now to enjoy the freshness and vibrancy of the wine, although I’m sure it could age gracefully for a few years.

8 left but that’s nowhere near enough at the rate I’m running though these. Time to reload (for the 2nd time)

Had a taste of this at WineLands / Outside Lands in SF two days ago. Was a pretty darn nice wine for the price. Consumed moments before Radiohead took the stage and boy were they on fire that night. Great Wine/ Great show.

Well that’s not really a fair comparison…Barefoot probably would have tasted amazing before that show (I mean…Lionel Richie!?! How awesome is that!).

Good stuff buddy - glad you enjoyed the night. Out of curiosity…What was Ridge and Idlewood pouring that night??

Yes Rich, Idlewild and Ridge were there as well. Did chat with Sam from Idlewild and tasted his red Italian based blend The Bird I think it is called. You know what Rich, I am ITB and pretty much a snob/geek and Barefoot does not taste good at any time.

I was just joking on the Barefoot stuff man (pretty sure there’s never a good time for that… unless you’re in high school and drinking whatever you can find in your parents liquor cabinet), but I bet it was a helluva show!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Broc cellars (Berkeley) was there as well.

Sitting on a few of these, trying to wait a bit, since I know they’ll get better. Tempted to crack one soon, though!

Anyone able to compare/contrast the Juvenile and the Turley Old Vines zins for me?


I really would. It’ll probably get a little better…but honestly, it’s delicious right now and ready to go. I feel like this one’s made to drink early while you wait on the SV’s.

The Juvenile is made from young vines and is often more boisterous and fruit forward. My impression is that OV is made from the lots that are not quite good enough for the SVD. I generally prefer the OV as it is a little more civilized but both are amazing values.

I’m trying to snag a a 14 OVZ to compare the two, as someone mentioned in another thread that it was great.

Love to hear from someone who’s tried them both in the current 14 vintage.

Disclaimer: I sell these…

I find what was said before, the Juvy is always big bright and easy on the eyes, the ov is darker and a little more tannin structure.

I agree about the Turley and didn’t feel overly gouged at Winelands.

Tasted with the truffle buratta and cheese monger selection in Cheese Land and the Turleys were delish!

Already wondering who next year’s acts will be!