2014 The Psychedelic Syrah, Sleight of Hands Cellars

Whoa, it’s a ride.

Quiet after uncorking, it’s matured past its youthful exuberance. By youthful exuberance I mean gang-related, drug-activity - wine was cra cra three years ago. While this wine screamed when young the bottle now demonstrates an operatic tone.

After a few hours real weight and length happen, the brine moves to center stage and cured meats come from the smoke machine. Heavy metal Côte-Rôtie indeed. Worthy of the Wagyu short ribs paired with cooked dates Melinda made. A quiet Christmas (once the wails of our nine-year old softened) let us enjoy this wine over the course of an afternoon/evening double feature.

Thank for the note Glenn, I was glad to see the Funkadelic back for this years series.

Thanks for the creative write-up. That wine is a sentimental favorite of mine and I keep buying the SOH syrahs. Had the 2013 version on Thanksgiving and it was wildly exotic in the nose but just the half glass I had. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep my family from sucking the bottle down despite my best efforts.

Definitely one of the best bottles of this holiday season.