2014 Scarecrow

Looking to sell a 3 pack in wood just purchased from the vineyard for $1,950.00 including shipping.

I also have a leatherette single bottle wine bag for $135.00.

Can you post pics of the bag!?

Here you go

I am reducing the price to $1800.00 including shipping. Payment by PayPal

Are you part of their mailing list ? Where is the wine located ? Temp controlled storage I assume.


Yes on the mailing list as well as my wife so that’s why I am selling one 3 pack. Wine is in CT and yes in an underground wine cellar.

I’m reducing the price further to $1600.00 or best offer including shipping. I have 2 of these 3 packs so I really want to unload one of them.


Check out William Gladstone’s (Commerce Corner) post. He’s looking to buy this vintage and offering $500/bottle. I think people that have dealt with him generally say it’s a good experience. He’s certainly been on this board for a while.

This is sold