2014 Jean Collet Chablis refill offering


Well folks, it seems that the 2014 Collet wines have begun to blow minds now that the first wave has already come and gone. The number of repeat requests have decimated my inventory in no time, so I reached out to Romain to see if I could refill while the gettin’ is still good. Here are a few points of feedback from folks:

“What am I thinking? I forgot to mention the wine is one of the best, if not THE best, AC Chablis I have tasted, and I have been a Chablis freak for over 30 years. If there is a better bottle of $17 Chardonnay on the planet, please let me know…
You were so right about this wine. Thank you.” Ken S.

And from the Vinous chat forum:

As you can see, the pudding is clearly presenting its proof. If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to load up.
Here is the original offer once again, same prices and terms as the first wave.
This is as good as it gets…

Bonjour de la jeune génération en pleine fleur,
Romain Collet is clearly on the right path. Just a few years after being handed the reigns to this long standing family estate, he has wavered not to shake things up, sticking to his gut instincts and seeking raw quality above all else…Among his many contributions: his vinification is longer and slower; he has carved out parcellary focused micro cuvées to best highlight the strengths of their rich holdings; he encouraged the purchase and replanting of a fantastic parcel of 1er cru Fôret; he secured a long standing lease in the grandest of Chablis Grand crus, les Clos; his farming has gone organic in the qualitative best of the house. The results have been more than noteworthy, from colleagues and consumers alike, as people are talking about one of the most exciting rising talents of his generation.
With his 2014 wines, we have his best collection to date, the classical bracing nature of the '14 Chablis vintage (in line with classic vintages such as 2010, 2008, and 2007) serving to showcase just how far he has come in roughly eight years. When I offered his entry level Chablis villages '14 earlier this year, I told you just how good it is, and to run to stock up on what could be just about the best bang for your Chablis buck you could ever encounter. A few weeks later, Steve Tanzer chimed in saying just about as much…trust me, you want some if everyday Chablisien refreshment is something that suits your needs. That being said, the 1er crus are so fairly priced that for a marginal step up in price, you’re at another level indeed…
What follows is a comprehensive offering of his 2014 wines, including a refill of the entry level wine as well as his soon-to-be-bottled 2014 1ers and Grand crus. Once again, trust me when I say that to load up on his best (Montée de Tonnere, Valmur, and les Clos) would be a decision that you will not regret as the combination of his under-the-radar status, superlative 2014 vintage, and a lower euro exchange rate find these prices at eye-poppingly low prices. Additionally, the in-stock goodies, including his superlative '13 Montée de Tonnere 1er cru and '13 Grand cru les Clos and '13 Grand cru Valmur, are included, first come, first served. Y’all been told…


2014s for early June '16 arrival:

Chablis villages $ 120btls available- This is the entry level villages bottling that stunned me to attention when tasting with Romain last June. This was the first indicator of just how good the ‘14s are, as the profile here is that of an absolutely classic Chablis with a purity and intensity that is rarely encountered at the villages level; this could be a 1er cru from 3/4 of Chablis producers. I’ve managed to lock down an additonal 10cs, so get it while the gettin’ is good! Value hounds, you’ve been told!

“Oyster-shell minerality and a building aroma of stone fruits on the nose. Dense and sweet but with good cut and citricity giving shape and verve to the palate. A very successful village wine.” 89 points Steve Tanzer

Chablis 1er cru Vaillons $ - His larger cuvée of Vaillons continues to exhibit the classic nature of the vintage, it being the earliest picked of his 1er crus. This is silly good. :0
“(picked on the first day of the harvest, September 17; 5% of this wine was vinified in a foudre and one-third received a passage in large barrels): Bright yellow. Sexy aromas of yellow peach and apricot, with a slightly exotic buttery element. Plush and highly concentrated, showing a glyceral ripeness that reminded me of Meursault. Ripe yellow fruit flavors are complemented by a spicy character. THis fruit bomb finishes with excellent persistence. This is a sizable cuvée as the Collets work with 9+ hectares of vines in this premier cru (they exploit 40 hectares in total, of which they own about half).” 90-91 Steve Tanzer

Chablis 1er cru Butteaux $ - Romain’s parcellary selection of Montmains is a stonier, saltier wine that is right up my rockhead alley. For the money, again, a no brainer.
“(vinified in stainless steel but get a short stay in old oak folloing the malolactic fermentation; from soil rich in blue clay): Rather reduced, flinty nose. Then sweet, plush and rich in the mouth, with an impression of sucrosité nicely countered by ripe acidity. Spice and stone fruit flavors finish with good cut and minerality and good but not outstanding length.” 88-91 Tanzer

Chablis 1er cru Secher $ - The parcellary selection from within Vaillons, this is quite complete, with even greater silken fruit to enrobe punchy citric minerality. The hits keep on comin’, each one distinct. That’s the idea, right?

Chablis 1er cru Foret $ - From young vines replanted in 2007 that neighbor those of Dauvissat, this is beginning now to exhibit the complexity and sense of harmonious completeness that make Fôret one of greatest 1ers in all of Chablis. For this kind of tariff, a no-brainer.

Chablis 1er cru Montée de Tonnnere $ - A flagship wine of sorts, their large holdings in Montée de Tonnere, broadly regarded as the finest and most complete 1er cru terroir in all of Chablis (it parallels the Grand cru hillside, so no mystery as to why), regularly turn out what I consider to be one of the best buys in the appellation. This is a 6pk/case buy no brainer if Chablis is your thang…
“(done entirely in barriques,10% new): Pale yellow. Crushed stone, oyster shell and spices on the vibrant nose. Fat and sweet on entry, then much more taut and crunchy in the middle. Strong saline minerality enlivens and extends the finish. Serious juice.” 91-93 Tanzer

Chablis Grand cru Valmur $ - From the coolest Grand cru on the hillside, the partially north facing Valmur always a great balance of richness and cut. This is class in a glass, a perennial best in class that regularly outperforms even his vineyard neighbor Raveneau. Having walked the vineyards, seeing the compact soils of Raveneau vs the well worked fluffy soils of Romain, I can see why…
" (from vines planted in 1971; made entirely in barriques): Bright yellow. Ripe peach and nectarine scents are currently dominated by smoky oak. Plush and sweet in the mouth but with strong salinity and good cut giving shape to this very rich wine. Finishes saline and a touch warm. (Incidentally, Collet’s Les Clos, made from vines farmed via a _fermage arrangement, was still finishing its malolactic fermentation and was too full of gas to assess.)" 91-92 Tanzer

Chablis Grand cru les Clos $ - Roughly 3 barrels are made of his les Clos (which he farms as well). This is not offered on his regular export price list; it is out of friendship and a desire to have his work better recognized that he allows me to bring some to the US. Get it while the gettin’ is good is all I have to say…


Fôret 1er cru '13 $29 9btls

Valmur Grand cru '13 $59 6 btls
“(bottled in March of 2015; this wine spent 11 months in mostly recent but no new oak): Ripe peach, papaya and sweet, spicy oak on the nose. Dense and creamy, with nicely integrated acidity and a pronounced saline character giving this seamless wine good shape and verve. From what Gilles Collet described as a cold spot, which was clearly an advantage in 2013.” 92 Steve Tanzer

Les Clos Grand cru '13 $59 26btls YUMMMMMO! - No press here, but this is the real deal…get some and thank me later…


Sooner or later, the broader commercial world will take heed of how good this kid’s wines are. For now, it can be our secret to enjoy…
'14 wines are offered here at presell pricing during a one-week presell, after which prices will rise 10-15%. Upon confirmation, payment due in full via check/“friends and family” Paypal, or cc+%. In stock goodies are offered first come, first served.
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