2013 Post IPNC Tasting of 2004 OR Pinot at Matello

Marcus Goodfellow (Matello) has generously offered to host the 3rd annual retrospective Oregon Pinot tasting this year. The theme is 2004 Oregon Pinot.

Date: July 29, 2013, Monday following IPNC
Time: 12:30pm with tasting to start at 1:00pm
Location: Matello
Matello Wines
925 NE 7th St.
McMinnville, OR 97128
(503) 939-1308

The group will be capped at 38. Entry fee will be 2 bottles of 2004 Oregon Pinot, preferably the same bottling. A lot of people have single bottles so we might try to set up a pairing system by collecting info on singletons and confirming if there’re matches.

Post or PM if you’re “In”. Indicate if you have singletons you’d like to pair up. Please don’t post your specific wines so we can keep the tasting as close to “Blind” as possible. We’ll collect the wine info by email and PM as the time gets closer.

Looking forward to this excellent event. Sadly, we’re going to miss Bob Wood, not quite the same without him. I’m sure he’d be psyched about the continuing tradition.

38 Total Slots, Filled
Marcus Goodfellow + 2 - Wines Selected
Rich Trimpi + 1 - Wines Selected
Jeff King - Wine Selected
Andy Steinman - Wine Selected
Mike Passo - Wine Selected
Jim Diven - Wine Selected
Greg Malcolm + 1 - Wines Selected
Durstin Selfridge - Wine Selected
Jeff Hoofard - Wine Selected
Sirpa Peacock + 1 - Wines Selected
John Osburn - Magnum selected
Ron Felthoven+1 - Wines Selected
Peter Hickner - Wine Selected
Doug Ackerman - Wine Selected
Rick Allen +2 - Wines Selected with some finalization TBD
Ken Pahlow - Wine Selected
Mark Stevens - Wine Selected
Beau Carufel +2 - Wines Selected
Steven Miller - Wine Selected
Paul Willenberg +1 - Wines Selected
Chas Stiltner - Wine Selected
Todd Hamina - Wine Selected
Jim Anderson - Wine Selected
Brian O’Donnell - (replaced by winemaker David Autrey)
Andrew Rich (replaced by winemaker John Grochau)
Paul Cunningham +1 - Wines Selected
Fred Bower - Wines Contributed, Can’t Attend

Waiting List
Tim Wilson
Bob and Susan Crenshaw


I will definitely be there!

Looking foward to this great annual event. I know it was a highlight for Bob; he will be missed.

I’m interested

Darin, please let me know when you’re sure.


In. Still regretting missing last years 2005 event.

I have 3 two bottle candidates, and a singleton to contribute if needed.

I’m in. According to my spreadsheet, I have 7 two bottle options and 4 singleton options.

BW, 4 2-bottle options and 2 singletons.

I’m in, 2 people. Now I’d better make sure I have the wine!! :slight_smile:

I would love to attend with a plus one. I have two of a kind. :smiley:

In here! I hated to miss the second one, having loved the first…

Please count me in. I’ve got a singleton but I’ll try to find a good pair.

I’m in, +1. I have no 2004’s so will need to procure a couple bottles.

I’d like to attend.
I’ve got a dozen or so '04s, but I’m not sure of any multiples.

P Hickner



I’m in. Party of two.

How does everyone feel about a 12:30 meet and greet, with a 1pm start for the tasting?

I’ve got +2 for the tasting as well.

Mark and Ron, if you’re having trouble finding 04s, let me know and I can see about shaking a few things out.

So stoked for this tasting. +1 for me as well. Now to figure what to bring…

Jim Anderson? I think if you’ve hosted and are free, you should be auto included. Thoughts?

I sent him a text to get online and commit!