2013 Dom Perignon

I missing golf and mags of 1960s Champagne in his backyard.

Definitely worth the drive to the country.

Thanks bro. ****ing auto-correct…

2013 Dom P hit Wine.com for $270 or $280 with box and end in .97 so no promo codes can be used to make that reasonable.

Weird, ‘12 cheaper than ‘13

Why is that weird?

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Because the ‘12 vintage is supposed to be the best in recent memory.

It doesn’t matter. Wines are getting more expensive every year whether they’re better or not.

People are saying the '13 Cristal will be better than '12 and some are expecting DP might follow suit. Regardless, this release is about resetting the market price.

Reviewers seem to put '13 at or just below '12:

WS, Alison Anpjus: 96, 96
WA, William Kelly: 96+, 95+
Vinous: Galloni: 97, 94

I think perhaps WK did us a favor with a wink with that. He said the rating was probably conservative and could have pushed prices even higher with a 97+ score. Early ratings are just educated guesses anyway. Only time will tell.

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On the topic of Ray, years ago I tried to help him with some pallets of 1996 Salon when we were selling Salon and struck up a conversation over text and email. Didn’t work out, but years later I posted a note on 2002 DP and that it hadn’t impressed me. Ray messaged me shortly after letting me know I had a bad bottle and that once I sent him and address he would send me a bottle from his 2002 DP sourced from Europe. I bring it up as I was digging thru cellar this weekend and found said bottle of 2002 DP that Ray sent me.

Need to find a time soon to open it and look for a random act of kindness to pay it forward as Ray had zero reason to do what he did. Will always regret not making it East for a meal with Ray or him making it to PNW to do same in person.


I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet him in person.

Picked up 2013 Dom at 139 Euros/per. Finnair Shop (after 10% frequent flyer discount). But now out of stock, too good a deal, lasted less than a month.

Was drinking Champagne from narrow flutes until Ray set me straight and suggested that I would find a white Burg stem might prove more satisfying.


Any one have a recommendation for 13’ Dom in the Clearwater / Tampa area? Want to send a few to my folks to bring back to Canada… Wedding year!

i know this comes up occasionally and most online sources peg it around 5 million, but how much DP is made each vintage give or take? i’ve heard such high and low numbers over the years that it just adds to the mystery.

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I’ve heard as high as 10 million. I’ve heard no lower than 4.

what I want to know is how they do an assemblage so there’s uniformity between bottles.