2013 Dom Perignon offer 40% off (not exactly)

Offer today from First Bottle.

"We haven’t seen a year like this since 2013…and some experts question whether we ever will again…97 points and over 40% off! "

Excited to see the price after seeing this sentence.

over 40% off $400. Misleading? False advertising? Just plain ridiculous?

They left a little on the table - 75% off :joy:


Any first bottle coupon codes? Asking for a friend :sweat_smile:

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CC is ridiculous


Right!! What is their deal? I was pricing some wines today and Cask Cartel came up multiple times with an absolutely INSANE number. Like…4x to 5x higher than everyone else. Do they ever actually sell bottles at these prices? Is it even a real store??

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There’s a thread dedicated to them


Thanks! Will check it out!

DC Zachy’s was selling Dom for $350 last year looks like post New Years it’s down to $280.