2013 Bevan Moaveni Syrah - are there more like it?

Took one of my last bottles to a holiday party and everyone loved it. Several said it was the best syrah they had ever tasted. Not sure I would say that, but it is a contender.

I love the big Cali syrahs - Alban, Saxum, SQN, Booker… but this is different. The flavor profile is not your typical blackberry, peppery thing. It’s more plummy with some olive. Very big, full in the mouth, huge nose. If you’ve had Bevan cabs, you’ll recognize the style. Unfortunately, I can’t find more of this vintage and Bevan doesn’t appear to make it any more. I’m wondering if there is anything else out there like it.

I haven’t tried the Bevan Syrah, but the profile you described sounds pretty close to Myriad Las Madres

I believe this was also given the label “Ode to M” with the M being for Manfred from SQN. I had a few bottles of the Bevan several years ago and would say that it is certainly in that style though maybe it has calmed down / integrated since then.

The Myriad Las Madres is also a great suggestion based on your notes.

Big fan of Alban etc. But you need to try Paul Lato’s Syrah. He’s kinda known for his PN’s, but I think his Syrah is mind-blowing. Even better than Alban.

Alban>>>>Lato in terms of big

you should email them. i’m on the list and they just emailed a month ago or so that they were selling some older stuff.

Interesting comparison - but your opinion is obviously quite subjective. I like Paul and enjoy his syrahs and find them quite attractive aromatically and elegant but oftentimes lacking ‘structure’, making we wonder how they will age.

Alban’s syrahs are truly ‘singular’ in nature and pretty difficult to compare to others. I find them so darned distinctive and polarizing - and love them every now and then, whether with age on them or not.

I have not had the Bevan Syrah but have had many of his other wines - and find them to be quite rich and unctuous and crowd pleasing. His use of new oak is certainly known by all - and this helps reinforce the aromatics and mouthfeel of his wines.


+1 Alban wines are singular and big

had the Moaveni awhile ago, and I remember high alcohol flavor

In all honesty, just had it once, but pretty much right after an Alban. That evening the Lato was amazing. That said, this was the Patarina Alban and I think the Reva is the flagship. Heard that’s exceptional, but never tried it.

Thanks for the recommendation for Myriad. I will look for it.

I have contacted Bevan and there is no more. There were only 100 cases made. There is definitely alcohol in there, but I think everything is in balance at this point. Big syrahs
can easily be overpowering and not in balance.

A 1998 Reva was my first great syrah experience and I’ve been buying it ever since. I would never confuse Alban with Bevan, but they are both great wines.

in terms of winemaking style, grape source, and cooperage, the closest wine will be a 2013 morlet bouquet garni.
I’ve had both wines, twice each. and it’s not really close.

Which did you prefer?

sorry i was a little coy- very much the bevan.

Try Lucia Susan’s Hill Syrah. Named after Gary Pisoni’s Sister Susan and is a special block within the Pisoni Vineyard. Lucia is the Pisoni family label. Stuff is amazing every vintage and is usually $50. Killer wine from a top notch site and wine growing/making family. Rated mid 90’s by virtually every reviewer.

Mark, I was doing a search on Moaveni bottlings and found this thread. I did so after tasting the '16 Geometry Moaveni Syrah in a blind lineup and was shocked. Didn’t recognize Geometry, but when I saw the vineyard, I knew the fruit source. It might fit what you asked in the subject line. I picked up 20 cases of it to sell. Crazy good for $48.

great recommendation. lucia syrah is amazing. i’m sure everyone here knows about it but whenever i recommend this to syrah obsessives they are well impressed.

Later this year, Eylse is releasing the 2018 Elyse Le Corbeau, which is Bennett Valley Syrah with a touch of Petite Sirah made by Russell Bevan. It’s great. Very modern and polished style. It will probably improve with a bit of age as it integrates more, but it’s already super approachable and delicious. I’ll be buying some when it’s released.

i may be buying some from your business, apparently geometry doesn’t sell/ship to my state (NC).

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Thanks so much. I was surprised to see this thread active after a year. I was able to order from the one source that shows on wine-searcher. Anxious to try it.

I actually got an email from Bevan a few weeks ago that hinted that they would have some syrah in the next offer. Not sure it will be Moaveni.

Mark-- that one seller is my wine shop. Glad I could share with a fellow Syrah lover on the hunt. I think you’re going to be quite pleased.