2012 The Debate

Anyone try these?

I want to try one.
I don’t want to try one.

What’s the biggest weakness, and what are they doing to address it?

If I had, do you think I’d admit to it on a public forum? [shock.gif]

It is all the other guy’s fault.

Can you buy it on CNBC?

Can you repeat the question?

I tried them but I didn’t swallow!

all quite clever, not terribly helpful but clever

I’d like to help but haven’t been able to taste any, since mine didn’t arrive yet. Something to do with shipping probems.

Did the winemaker buy a Porsche Cayenne for a delivery vehicle?

On one hand, I think these wines suck.
On the other hand, I think these wines are incredible.

(I don’t know. Is there actually a wine called “The Debate”? I just felt a strange urge to argue with myself, I guess.)

Possibly. Another Napa winemaker has a Ferrari and a few Aston Martins.

As to the wines in question, I have not tried them yet. But, knowing Jean’s deft hand with all three vineyards, and given the vintage, it seems like a no brainer to me.

You beat me to it.

I was through most of the thread before I realized The Debate is probably the name of a wine.

Harsh words and very low scores from Galloni!


That is funny. Thank you fro a good laugh. No I did not get an Aston Martin or Porsche for that since we cannot not afford it.
I started making that wine back in 2010 and wanted just to make these three vineyard the same exact way and let people debate them.
In addition I think we are losing more and more time spent at a dinner table talking so we created that for that purpose as well.
As far as the ratings, I will let you Debate the differences between Parker and Galloni :wink:

Shouldn’t this be in a poll?