2012 MacDonald is in a groove

I spent the afternoon last Saturday with Graeme tasting the 2012 and it is clearly the best of the three releases so far from the property. If you are on the list, you are in for a beautiful wine experience. Notes in the next issue. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Thanks Doug
What are your aerating recommendations in case we feel weak and impatient?

I had a dream I opened this wine. Didn’t even recall the dream until this thread.

I had a dream last night that I ordered a 2000 la Tache off the list. It was muted and not good. Then after fifteen minutes turned pink. The restaurant wouldn’t give me a refund. I woke up angry.

For my appointment with Graeme and Alex last year tasting the 2011, they had prepared both a 2 and 12 hour decant to illustrate the differences time makes. I asked Graeme about the decant on the 2012, and he answered that it was poured from bottle at 8AM and we tasted from about 1330 - 1600. Yeah, I know - more than two hours to taste one wine. But it was worth it as we noted the dynamic qualities as it aerated.

You can read the notes on 2011 MacDonald here http://www.purelydomesticwinereport.com/pdwr-35/ as I put it in the public domain of the site not too long ago as a treat.

I didn’t like the Mac in my dream either, I thought it was thin.

I blame Doug for making me remember.

I opened one of these last weekend. Decanted for 6 hours as Alex and Graeme recommended. I made the mistake of serving it too warm and it was a bit subdued. We threw the last half of the bottle on ice for 30 minutes and tried again. Wow!! Great stuff. Best vintage so far…but the 13 will blow everyone’s mind.

I’m not in the camp of decanting gangbusters like that, because wine decants very nicely in a typical Zalto stem. Yet, but my buddy rests his decanters on one of these on the kitchen counter:

Not exactly that, but one of those gel packs, and if you don’t have a flat bottom decanter you’ll obviously have to use other ways to support if from tilting. Just a thought that I thought that I’d add.

Can’t wait to taste the '13; the '12 was electrifying juice.



Yes, from what I have tasted in 2013, I am looking forward to Graeme’s in a year.

How much did you tip?

Absolutely loved this wine when I visited them back in July. They are doing very special things in their little piece of To-Kalon.

His tip was “don’t eat the yellow snow”. [snort.gif]

13 the bomb!! No dream just fact!!

Friends who know opened this wine last night for Seder and were stunned by its depth and weight. Most experienced of these aficionados felt another decade of aging seemed appropriate. Wine was only decanted 2.5-3 hours and then enjoyed over 3 more.

We were there in December. I donot remember what they poured. It was outstanding. Maybe when they get around to posting on this thread, they can tell you. My wife and son both thought it was fantastic. I was planning to open a bottle on Sunday with Roast Beef and the entire family at home, but I forgot. If my second son stays for Thursday dinner, we will open one tomorrow.

Did anyone just see that the '13 MacDonald got a perfect score from Decanter?

I’m not surprised about everyone praising the '13. From the moment I tried it a year ago, it was obvious it was something special!

Great work Graeme & Alex!

Had the '12 in February. I gave it 6 hrs of air in a decanter and it needed it (actually it needed more time in the cellar!). It was delicious. Will be hard to let his brothers slumber for a few years.

Elijah got some treat!! No Baron Herzog or Maniseiwcz (ignore spelling pls). Concord Grape for him.