2012 Huet secs have shit the bed

I’ve been reading some pretty concerning notes on CT regarding the 2012 Huet CDB (premox, off flavors). Very consistently poor across several individuals. I opened one last week that was very advanced. For reference, my passive cellar is quite cool, often in the 40s and 50s and never getting past the low 60s in the summer. So I haven’t cooked or otherwise ruined the wines myself.

Today I opened a 2012 Le Mont, and while not entirely unpleasant, it is golden, bordering on orange. There are sherry notes. I have like 5 more bottles of the CDB and Le Mont. I’ve never seen this issue with the older 2010s. This blows.

Has it always been safer to age only the stickies or is this a new trend for Huet?


I don’t have any 2012s, but this concerns me.

Really? I stopped buying in 2011, but 2012 being in the pooper?

I have mostly '14s and on, and haven’t seen any issue with those yet. I heard the 2002s had some issue, though I’m no expert on the issue, and I didn’t think other vintages had a problem. I have had some oxidation on other Loire producers like Chidaine, but not with Huet.

Chidaine has not been bad for me, Ashish. I have mostly 2005-2010 now left and aside from a few, the balance have showed good energy and balance.

Awesome. Just found 3 bottles of 2012 LHL sec today :slight_smile:

You’re demented, Curry. [tease.gif]

Miss seeing you, man.

Bookmark this for ‘Best Title’ for the awards season.

Assuming that there is a problem with 2012, could this be a one year issue due to Pinguet’s sudden resignation? What’s the consensus on 2013’s and later?

I did stop buying after 2011, because that whole episode didn’t sit well with me, and there are plenty of other (and cheaper) Vouvray producers that I love. But I still hope the estate has found it’s bearings. Losing Huet permanently to the dark side would be tragic.

I opened a 2012 Le Mont Sec a couple months ago. I remember thinking that wine was in a really good place when I tasted it, but maybe just a bit more evolved than I would have expected. No where near what you describe in the one you had, and certainly nothing I would have thought of as impending pre-mox. All I thought at that time was that 2012 wouldn’t likely not be one of the more age-worthy Huet vintages.

I’ve got more Le Mont and Le Haut Lieu than CdB in 2012 - guess I should try another one soon…


There were serious problems with premox on the 02 secs and the 02 petillant (sparkling).

Skipped 11 and 12. Which was easy because I wasn’t really buying any wine when they were in the market.

No problem aging Petillant, Secs, and DSs for (multiple) decades historically.

I feel like something happened there after 2010. 2014s for me were disastrous. Massive oxidation issues.

You didn’t buy the 02s, I take it.

I did!! And a few years ago I got rid of it all.

I bought a bunch of the 2014s, and they turned to crap in only a couple of years.

I mostly have older ones but I do have a few ‘14s that I got as swaps when Premier Cru couldn’t source some wines I’d bought.

I’ll have to pull a couple.

I’m only talking 12s. Hopefully others aren’t screwed.

Don’t forget Huets historically shut down and have an awkward adolescence in which they can seem oxidized and funky, only to snap back after a couple more years in the cellar. Even if ‘11-‘12 weren’t such difficult vintages, I wouldn’t be touching them now. Other than ‘16-‘17, the youngest Huet wines I’d think about touching now are ‘09s, maybe ‘10s. And then going back in time …

Yes, the Chidaine '14s went to hell really fast. A shame because they were amazing on release.