2010 white burgundy : an update

My wine club Euryanthe decided to taste villages and premier cru 2010 white Burgundies . At release , I thought it was an excellent vintage , with good acidities and great minerality . I had heard some disturbing news that some 2010’s were evolving badly : three 2010’s : JM Boillot Puligny Champs Canet ( over ripe ); Boisson-Vadot les Grands Charrons and Piuze Chablis montée de Tonnerre : premoxed .
However , the 12 wines we tasted yesterday were at least very good , often excellent . Chalky minerality and great acidities : a fresh top vintage . My style of white Burgundies.
We tasted blind in pairs .
1 : really yummy , I love this wine for current drinking . Maybe not the most powerful , but this is how I like my white Burgundy . Floral and citrus dominate . 92/100 : St.AUBIN en Remilly Didier Larue
2 : less complex , nice wine , not so elegant but nice acidities . Stones and flowers . 90/100 St.AUBIN en Remilly Marc Colin

3 : more " grassy " , mineral , chalk , start drinking now , delicious .91/100 Francois Carillon Puligny Montrachet les Perrieres
4 : salty and tight , mineral and chalk ( this will come back… ) , long aftertaste , still very young, excellent 92-93/100 Henri Boillot Puligny Montrachet les Perrieres

5 : rich and floral , Puligny style , less mineral , nice acidities in aftertaste, nice wine , 91/100 PY Colin-Morey Puligny Montrachet les Folatieres
6 : more tight and more finesse , very mineral , still young , less developed , 90+/100 PY Colin Morey Puligny Montrachet Champs Gains

  1. Floral with excellent acidities , nutty , still tight , good concentration , wait 3 more years 91+/100 JF Coche Dury Meursault Villages

  2. more chalk , drinking perfectly now , less concentration and less complex but delicious now . I love this : 90/100 Arnauld Ente Meursault Clos des Embrees

  3. floral , creamy , crispy ,great lenght , class wine . 93/100 Boisson Vadot Meursault les Chevalieres

  4. Spicy , yeasty , very powerful , wait another 5 years , way too young now .92+/100 JF Coche Dury les Chevalieres

  5. some biscuit but in a good way , yummy , ready , floral , not so mineral 92/100 Meursault Perrieres Potinet Ampeau

  6. finesse wine , chalk , still closed but with great promise , easily the best wine of the evening 95+/100 Meursault Perrieres Comte Lafon .

Overall , we were very happy with the performance of this vintage . Our top 3

  1. Meursault Perrieres Comte Lafon
  2. Meursault Chevalieres Boisson Vadot
  3. Puligny Montrachet les Perrieres Henri Boillot .

No surprise about the Lafon , I hope his premox days are over , it certainly seems that way .
Nice surprise about the Boisson Vadot . The wines are now made by the son ( Pierre ) who is a very good friend of his neighbor Rafael Coche . I rember visiting the father ( Bernard )in 2005 who made very acidic wines . The wines today are excellent but very difficult to get and they have become very expensive .
The Henri Boillot wine was very fine as usual . After his Clos de la Mouchere , I think his Puligny les Perrieres is his best premier cru .
Finally , the finest inexpensive wine of the evening was , for me , the St Aubin en Remilly from Larue . Great wine , for current drinking . So under-estimated .

Thanks Herwig. I like the Boisson Vadot wines very much too.

Hi Herwig, thanks for the notes… Seems full of surprises!

  • Coche not in the top 3… was there something wrong with the wines… as I remember a few delicious Meursault 2010 from them?

  • Colin Morey… also not in the top 3? I must admit that I love 2010 in Burgundy, but sometimes I find his 2011 or 2014 even better with his wines…

  • Boillot is becoming one of my favourites!!

  • Boisson Vadot… needs to put him on my “must visit” list… Thanks for the tip!

Thanks Herwig,

yes it was a very very good tasting, you nailed it again here.


Dom Lafon thinks that 10 Perrières the best he has ever made.
I also note a lot of tired bottles of 07 in the last weeks :frowning:

Thanks for the report. I love 10 both in white as well as in red.
So it seems that you found no magic in Coche-Dury. His bottles must have been the most expensive of the whole tasting, and not by a small factor…

Well , no . Coche 2010’s are great wines . We had villages en Chevalieres , both Villages wines . You should not compare with premier cru ( Perrieres for example ).Terroir counts .
The Coche wines were delicious but also still tight , the house style of 2010 . You can enjoy them now but probably more in a couple of years .
And they are not so expensive in Europe as they are in the US , Gilberto . The villages is around 40 to 50 Euro’s.

Thanks for the reply, Herwig.
Good to know the prices - which unfortunately I have never seen. I guess that these are for those who have allocations since many years. What I have seen on the secondary market in Europe is of course much higher.

Thanks Herwig, a very promising report. I have to hunt down some Boisson-Vadot. A bit of it leaks into the US.

Thanks for the notes. Coche here is probably more expensive than all the wines put together. I tend to prefer the H Boillot Pucelles to Perrieres (from Puligny).