2010 Pepiere Quatre (#4), a Muscadet with long lees aging

Domaine de la Pépière Quatre (#4) Muscadet Sèvre et Maine 2010

Last night we drank this with some grilled halibut. Terrific match. The wine is a blend of grapes from two vineyards. About 2/3rds reportedly from Chateau Thébaud which are old vines on granite subsoil, and about a third of the grapes are sourced from the cru Clisson, again older vines in granite. The wine is aged 4 years on the lees, hence the name Quatre.

It has typical aromas of Muscadet, yellow fruits, the saline minerally thing, a bit of citrus/grapefruit. The mouth and texture is noticeably different. The long lees aging give the wine more texture, some creaminess. It has good acidity, but it’s not as electric as Briords for instance. 12.5% alcohol. It has a savory, slight bitterness at the finish, lemon pith. The body comes from the lees aging and not high alcohol, maybe the extra time on the lees adds gycerol.

I liked this a lot, although for fans of the higher acid Muscadet, like Briords or even the Clisson bottling from Pépière, it may not be your thing.

I’ve read that some feel this can age well. I’m not certain about that. I think the prolonged lees aging gives the wine the texture now you would achieve with aging a bottle of Briords.
But this might age into something nice too. Time will tell.

This was $23 full retail. A screaming bargain for the quality of the wine and the time put into this bottle.

Another Domaine, Haut-Bourg, has a Muscadet that sees 10 years on the lees. Only tried once but quite enjoyed it. It did fall apart on day 2 alas.

WTN: 2002 Domaine Haut-Bourg Origine, Cotes de Grandlieu.

I remember a very nice `01 from the Choblet. Here is the newest release after 10 years on the lees! Diam-type cork? 12% alc, $22 Cdn.

Medium lemon in color, no gold at all.
More floral and fruit than sea shells on the nose. Still very bright tones here and appealing with its vibrancy. "Quite peach forward’ from across the table.
Entry is quite off-dry, orange and peach. Some very nice citrus and pineapple on mid-palate. Very good acidity, creamy, long appealing finish. No teeth-enamel removal here folks.
The minerality shows up better if served not too chilled. Nice with roasted pork tenderloin.

Thanks for the note. I picked up 4 of the 4 but haven’t cracked one yet. Pepiere is so good.

Both domaines, and both wines, are really great. Top quality and great value. Domaine du Haut Bourg remains particularly under the radar.