2010 KELLER sweet

My friend Frank K./Wein&Glas invited me to a glass of Riesling at his new home in Kreuzberg and I brought some bottles from my just arrived Keller 2010 delivery.

2010 Keller Riesling trocken
This Riesling wakes you up! Racy, piquant with a lot of extract, vivid acidity, Cox-apples, blossoms&herbs and peppery&salty in the background. The acidity has a loooong finish.
Typical Keller, famous for its PRECISION. Stunning performance and QPR for an entry-level Riesling and has a great future.

2010 Keller “Abtserde” Spätlese
“Fresh, excotic and mixed with a scoop of vanila ice cream. On the palate dense and viscid. A big&bold basket of fruit in which also the knive of acdity lies to trench the fruit”
8% and more like a Auslese . Deep, deep fruit and dances like a ballerina on your palate. What a grace! Lovely mix of fruit&acidity and offers hedonistic drinking pleasure.

2010 Keller Scheurebe Spätlese
Typical Scheurebe, perfumed and floral. In addition spice&freshness with a certain lightness of being. Lovely.

2010 Keller “Monsheimer Silberberg” Rieslaner Auslese
A basket of citrus fruits…tangerine, lime etc. with 7,5%. Tremendously focused and the razor-sharp acidity catches the fruit on the tuft. Our host mentioned that this wine had been sold like fresh bread in the Berlin gastronomy in the last years. No wonder at this price. Superb!

2010 Keller “Morstein” Scheurebe BA
Mind-blowing stuff. Amazing colour and such velvety&creamy on the palate with an endless length. The honey-sweet fruit melt like a candy in the mouth. 7% and this Beerenauslese is simply divine. Maybe the best ever produced Scheurebe at the estate Keller. [good.gif]

Bottom-line, the winemaker Klaus Peter Keller and his family produced outstanding sweet wines in 2010. The opulent&voluptuous fruit contain perfectly the big&razor-sharp acidity of the vintage 2010. A real dream-team!


Hi Martin

Thanks for the impressions - very nice!
I just had the Von der Fels 2009 that showed extremely well with total limestone focus. The best showing yet for this wine in about 6 tries.
I’m visiting Flörsheim-Dalsheim next week and looking forward to some real 2010 punishment with acidities up to just under 20 0/00!!!


When exactly will you be there?!

Driving down Thursday and I will be there for the full Friday and Saturday before going Sunday morning; need a ride? [highfive.gif]

Thanks for the notes, Martin.