2010 Dom Perignon?

I saw this on the shelf of a local retailer today. Up $8 from what they were selling the 2008. What are we looking at here? Ten million bottles of a very mediocre vintage?

This is a very good wine and showing great right now. Very forward, yet with structure to age and develop further in the classical DP style. Will it be as good as 2008 or 2009 turn out to be? Probably not, but I enjoy drinking it more right now than either of those. This is the best 2010 I have had to date and an amazing achievement considering the vintage and the volume produced. It is anything but an average DP and even over time will not be blown away by better vintages like 2008/2009. I actually prefer it to any of the DP vintages between 1996 and 2008; not by very much for some vintages, but I still prefer it. All of this being said, if you prefer your DP to be more classical in style and drink like water in its youth, you will not be big on the 2010. Richness leads the way, but the structure is still there and when it grabs hold, you get bursts of brightness and tart citrus to balance everything out. Skipping this vintage of DP is a mistake in my book.

I’ve often found young Dom to be rather ordinary to my palate. But I’m going to try a bottle on your recommendation. Thanks.