2010 Cayuse - How they drinking?

Contemplating opening either a 2010 Cailloux or En Cerise tonight. Anyone had any recently? How are they drinking?

I opened a Cailloux about a month ago and, to me, it was drinking very well. Excellent balance and complexity. I tend to like wines on the young side, and perhaps other people might prefer it with more age, but I think it is ready to go.

Had the 2010 Cailloux at lunch today. Very well balanced and even-handed. Fruit, acid and tannins all easily discernible but this isn’t compartmentalized, it’s an integrated new world joy. No funk here but way more heft that we found in a recent 2010 CA Syrah that is well regarded.

Well worth the coin IMO.

While I can’t speak specifically to my 2010 Cayuse, I’m generally staying hands-off with this vintage. I think it’s got the fruit and structure that will allow the wise to evolve and improve very slowly, moreso than 2009 and 2011. With Cayuse specifically, a vintage like this just really plays into the house style.

Had the 2010 Camaspelo last night and we loved this bottle with leftover BBQ Tri-tip from Thursday. Really great Camaspelo.

Would drink either of the 2. Looked back at all the Cayuse I’ve opened, though only 1 2010, seems to me it has had enough time to be in a good place. With one caveat.

Come to notice that both Cayuse and Reynvaan show best once they’ve had some real time to breathe. From significant empirical testing and tasting it’s way important how long they are open as opposed to their vintage. as for how long they should breath, absolute minimum an hour – two hours or more big big difference. Enjoy.