2010 Carlisle "Papa's Block" be poppin'!

This one is really in prime shape. Right from the first pour, classic meaty Syrah profile explodes from the glass. Menthol, graphite, eucalyptus, with a bright zip of lemon/orange acidity elevating the finish. Total winner. Drink or hold, but I’m not the least bit sorry I opened it.

Totally agree! I’ve opened two bottles of this in 2017:

8/2/17: I opened CT intending to write a note on this wine today, but my thoughts are exactly the same as my March 1 note, score and all. Maybe a touch less sweetness. Carlisle house style really shines in this bottle, with that Citrus-like acidic finish. In a great drinking window.

3/1/17: Certainly a big wine, but very well balanced with acidity. Complex nose of dark fruit, blackberry, blueberry, smoke, a little pepper. On the palate, same dark fruits plus a jolly rancher candy-like taste, finishing with a grapefruit/citrus feeling acidity that really cuts through the weight of the wine and lifts the profile. Very enjoyable.

Thanks for the note, Nate!

Fantastic Papa’s.

Appreciate the update…will look for one in the stash