2009 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvee

Any recent experiences with this? Pondering opening instead of 08 dom on t-giving.

Go with the Vilmart. Like there wines better but not by much.

Michael, i would do the CdC 09. Drinking great.


Another vote for the CdC. '09 is a more forward vintage, and the Vilmart has the stuffing to stand up to your stuffing. OTOH, the '08 DP is (atypically) showing well young. You really can’t go wrong with either, but you already knew that! How about both with TN’s to follow?


I would second 09 cdc.

Was at a Roederer tasting last evening, including '12 Cristal. Left me scratching my head. The 09 Brut Nature was the most interesting of the lineup. I have had 08 DomP last month and was underwhelming.

Later yesterday evening had 09 cdc with a sushi dinner and it stole the show.

We’ll see; I’ll probably pop the 09 cdc and see how it goes. 08 dom is one of my favorite champagnes I’ve ever drank (I have 10+ cases and am still buying) so if it’s close to as good I’ll be very happy.

Subu, what do you mean by "left me scratching my head "…is that regarding the 2012 Cristal?

I can count on zero fingers the number of times a young Cristal has really impressed me. It always needs age IMO.

I’d drink the Dom and sell the Coeur.

I’ve found 08 and 09 to be drinking well atm.

I have kind of a lot of the 09 cdc so we’ll see how it is. Benchmark blew it out last year at 100 so I loaded up. Saving my few 08s for the longer haul.

I love the 2008 Cristal right now (tasted at the last 2 La Fete du Champagnes).

I even almost bought some.

As do I. Had another one earlier in the week.


I meant in the context of the overall Roederer lineup not Cristal in particular. As a producer, the whole lineup in total, wasn’t as exciting as Vilmart’s or Jacquesson’s or Marguet’s. Their 12 vintage brut was brutally harsh and the 13 rose wasn’t anything exciting.

12’ Cristal was a very good champagne, balanced, nuanced and pretty; but doesn’t sore above top cuvee from many other producers given the hype and the price. And I have had 02, 04, 08 and 09 Crystals over many years. Hence “I scratch my head” for yet another data point that doesn’t reflect the hype (and price). For the grand marquees Krug is still my fav. As for DomP or Cristal, I am happy to pass on them.

Thank you, Subu. You mentioned Marguet…what did you taste from them that you liked? Marguet is in my personal top 3 of all of Champagne.

I thought this was good but great. Certainly far more approachable than the 08, but I clearly prefer other 09 champagnes like cristal. It’s been a year or so since I’ve had this so I’d be interested in hearing what you think.

The 09 was great; not as good as the 08 dom but very good. Vinous with fine bead and extremely smooth mouth feel.

The 09 was great; not as good as the 08 dom but very good. Vinous with fine bead and extremely smooth mouth feel.

Price sounded right at $100. champagne.gif