2009 Syrahs - an Hermitage, a Sonoma Coast

non-commercial post: I used to represent the Cave de Tain

2009 Hermitage, Cave de Tain ‘Grand Classique’ -
Medium ruby color. Beautiful aromas of pure black cherry, granite, violets. Medium bodied palate, texture surprisingly fairly ligh, lively, agile. I expected more weight and power, got something of beauty but closer to sylph than soccer player, almost delicate. Lovely, at full maturity. Rated 91.5, drink up.

2009 Bedrock Syrah Sonoma Coast ‘Griffin’s Lair’ -
Much darker. Aromas are somehow both powerful and muted, there is black fruit, more raspberry and blackberry than cherry, there is serious minerality, the texture is rich and powerful, but with backbone. The flavors have black fruit and a tiny herbal touch. This is clearly New World but offers an intriguing balance that spans Northern and Southern Rhone. Rated 94.5, may not improve but can hold at least another 3 years.

Dan Kravitz