2009 Napa Cabs

Had friends over for Tajine slow-cooked, grass-fed tri-tip and no hardcore geeks in attendance so just for our own pleasure we uncorked three Napa Cabs from the prickly 09 vintage. Eric Keating’s Beckstoffer Georges lll killed two board darlings I won’t mention here.

Just a lovely drop: refined while still displaying ripe California fruit and not stepping all over the food, it took big steps to crush this dish but one of the other bottles accomplished this no problem. Wee bit of Rutherford dust and a nice even finish gave this wine its signature.

One of the other Cabs demonstrated too much sweet syrup and the other was too green but Eric’s wine was really terrific. This was the only bottle emptied to the last drop.

Great to hear since I have a few of these left. Ready on PnP or does it need some air?

It’s good upon uncorking but I thought it improved over two hours.


Still working through a case of this. It never really shutdown.

Glenn, I’ve only had a few Keating zins, but it sounds like I’m missing out.

I would love to hear the “board darlings” that it slayed and the associated impressions - sweet and green - just for reference sake.

I’ve been blowing through all my 09 Napa cabs as daily drinkers. Fortunately, I didn’t buy a ton that year. Most have been pretty one dimensional, but ok wines. Not worth the tariff, but sometimes you have to buy even in tough years.

I know, Glenn, share the secret! What other wines did this Keating beat out? It’s like wine gossip! Give us the good stuff!

No, I won’t be doing that.

Doc you should know better… Keep ALL those darling thoughts to yourself. We all know that board darlings are not great 100% of the time…

If guess correctly will you tell us?

I think it’s only fair to know what the other two wines were?

I’m a fan of the 09 vintage. My favorite so far is the Tor cimarrosa but I have a lot of nice ones i may visit soon.

Who the heck makes a green Cab these days (in a good year) that’s a board favorite? Dunn? Ridge? I can’t think of many other possibilities?
Overripe could be almost anybody I suppose when put up against a green wine and a balanced wine.

Always liked this vintage, the wines were born open and stayed that way. 2010 had higher highs but much lower lows, and 2008 was surly and never clicked with me. I’ve almost drunk all mine by now, sadly my last 2009 Spottswoode was the best.

I have a 2009 Montelena earmarked for my wife’s next birthday in March. Our last bottle, but each has been a little better than the last.

For the 2009 vintage, RP 94T and WS 96 (“pure, opulent”) have been beguiling to me. This vintage has been a letdown for me, and like others I’ve tried to drink through most on non-special evenings.

I have a bit more than a case of '09 Napa Cabs in the cellar but have only consumed one lower end Cab to date. It was fine. For my tastes, I usually don’t drink the higher end wines for a minimum of 10 years.

I would add Togni and Dominus to your list