2009 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon release July 7, 2011

Having tasted these in May, I wish I could back up the truck here, but the 2nd child on the way has impacted the budget. So, went in for 2 of each plus a mag of Dr. Crane. The Three Twins is one hell of a wine for $48.

Is the price $48 per bottle? For all three cabs?

Only for the new one.

This was basically my thoughts too. I took 3 of each. I LOVED the Dr. crane but don’t have the dollars or space to buy as many as I’d like.

The budget is tight here as well, but I couldn’t pass up a small order. Three bottles of Georges III.

Only took 2 of each. Wanted more, but space is an issue. I may celebrate tonight and make some room by enjoying an 08.


Tight budget here too. Want to spend around $400 and have a hard time deciding. I am giving some thought to the Crane 3.0L.

My budget is strained but I bought my six bottle allocation of Dr.Crane and two each of the others for a complete case. I cannot pass on any Dr. Crane. To me, Mike’s Dr. Crane is pure perfection, liquid sex in a bottle.

Any idea how these compare (perhaps especially the GIII) to the 12C Cab that also comes from GIII and is made by Mike Smith?

I find the 2007 12C to be a beautiful wine with an easy drinking aspect to it. It is definitely not a typical Napa power cab. While I’m not sure if it will make really old bones, it will be great drinking along the way. I’m looking for a reference point for the Myriad wines.


the 08 was an OMG wine when we drank the 1st one last december (see my ct note). The fruit is very forward like the 12C but less sweetnesss more dark fruits. I think people miss a wonderful wine if they do not pop a Myriad G3 on release, this has forced me to buy 6 bottles so I can enjoy 1 or 2 early and still be able to see it develop. I have quit buying montelena and spottswood to be able to get more myriad.

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Tasted both 09’s and agree with Bill. I very much liked the 12C but at least in 2009 I felt the Myriad had just a bit more depth and black fruit. In my opinion I would think the Myriad has longer ageability. Both wines were fantastic.

Thanks Bill & Darin! Trying to decide how I’m going to get around my “no buy” state I’ve imposed on myself. Ah, the rationalization…


I found the best way was to fill in all the info and press order. it worked for me [cheers.gif]

hopefully there will be some left for next weeks new buyer offer.

Amen, brother! On the last release only one of the two wines was available in my round. I think I went to get a cup of coffee, and then it was gone too! Hence I’m still on the B-list… pileon

I’m in for a pair of each 750 offered. Wish I could afford more but… [berserker.gif]

am drinking an 06 spring mountain right now and it is very nice indeed, i’d go low 90s. anyone have any thoughts on this portfolio of myriads vs. the 06 that i am drinking? would like to buy but am on the fence…recent peter michael, stonestreet and shafer hss, plus getting my lillian wish list has hurt…

Buy. These are killer wines for the $'s and if you like Napa Cab this is a no-brainer. The Dr. Crane for $95 is about as close to a SVD “value” as one can get with Napa Cab these days.

Like others, I’m on a budget…but I found room for a few bottles of Myriad.

The wines have gotten better with each vintage. The 07 and 08 Spring Mountain are really a step up and terrific. The G3 and Dr Crane are about as good a value for top end Napa SVD that you can find. I hear ya about the $$. Tough month for me as well with HSS and my Oregon pnot binge…