2009 EIEIO Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

Dark, transparent ruby red. Youthful nose bursting with cherry cola and oaky notes. Big, fruity mid palate. Red fruit everywhere, tempered nicely with an earthy component. Firm tannic grip and a long, fruit filled finish. Very round, and needs plenty of time for the components to come together so one can really taste the complexity as the acidity is completely covered by the fruit at this point. Nice wine.

Any barnyard? [wow.gif]

Nicely done!

I have very little experience with this winery, I see it all the time when I’m PDX but have only tried 1-2 bottles. Who’s style would you compare it to?


Reminds me of something Lynn Penner Ash might have made, maybe some of the Sineann bottlings. If you like a rounder, fruitier ORPinot, you will like this.

Thanks Anthony,
I rarely bust open Oregon pinot anymore but growing up in PDX I use to drink downtown @ Oregon wines on Broadway. I got to know a fair bit of the 98’s and 99’s, besides a case or so a year that I purchase now I rarely drink it anymore (just too much damn wine!) and am trying to find my way.
I am a huge fan of Ken Wright and St.Innocent and really enjoyed Rex Hills Pinots from 93’-00’. Sineann is a wine that I have always found to be in a reduced state, that seems to age out. What else would you reccomend?


Search for a recent thread called Willamette Valley Pinot Noir which will give a nice, complete discussion. Some of my favorites include:

Evesham Wood
JK Carriere
Belle Pente

Oregon is really in my sweet spot for Pn. Bob Wood is a wealth of information on this as well. I agree on St. Innocent- has been a great producer for as long as I can remember. I’m sure you know it from being in Portland, but Vinopolis is a great source for all wines and they have great pricing.

Thanks for the compliment, but I’m losing ground and Phil Franks is probably a better source of info than I. FWIW, Vinopolis is a relatively new operation, so it probably wasn’t around when he was here.

Actually, a couple of years ago while I was walking around I bumped into it. Damn, puts anything in Seattle to shame. Stacks of great wine. Thanks for the rec’s.