2009 Birth Year Bordeaux

I am looking to acquire a case or two of Bordeaux birth year wine for my son. My preference is to seek out producers that are traditionalists that have a track record for aging 30+ years. I have very limited knowledege of Bordeaux and producer styles, but have access to the following 2009 wines:

Haut Bailly
Leoville Barton
Le Gay
Branaire Ducru
Certan de May
Grand Puy Lacoste

I also have access to Pavie Macquin, but from some initial readings on this board, it sounds like the exact opposite of the style I am looking for. Do the above producers fit the traditional mold and age requirements I am looking for? Are there any other producers I should also be considering at the same price level ($75-$150)?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Haut Bailly
Leoville Barton
Le Gay
Branaire Ducru
Certan de May
Grand Puy Lacoste
These are all traditionalists and should last the distance.

Pavie Macquin is not but this wine has been build for the long term and although he Alc is very high in this wine this could be very interesting in 20 to 30 years…I’m hoping so cos I have some [cheers.gif]

You might also like to consider , Gruaud Larose, La Gaffeliere, Duhart-Milon Rothschild, Beychevelle and Gazin

+1 on the Gruaud. Your original list looks good.

I went with the Branaire-Ducru, Duhart-Milon, and Calon Segur for my nephew.

GPL, Haut Bailly are yeses. I’d add Gruaud Larose as well.

Hi Romain,

I tasted many of the 2009s en primeur and was especially struck by the luciousness of the wines from St. Julien.

In the more reasonably priced category, I would recommend 4th growth Saint Pierre. A real winner although it’s ageing potential might not be as great as, let’s say, a Léoville Barton.

Alex R.


Are any available in magnum? That could sway your decision.

A good suggestion, but I just wanted to note that St. Pierre is more expensive than Leoville Barton in 09… As a result, I would highly recommend Leoville Barton over Saint Pierre.

I found St Pierre decidedly more modern than my tastes enjoy, so be careful of stylistic preferences (e.g. the St Pierre is very different than the Barton). Buy Chateau you like; I’d imagine these left bank 09s will largely be drinking quite well at 21 years (I’d cite 1990s as a comparable example).

I think of Branaire ducru as being more mondern than traditional styled. Still a very nice wine, just not as traditional as others. If you truly want traditional, then I would look at

Leoville barton
Sociando Mallet
Calon Segur
Gruaud Larose

I’m not positive on current pricing, but believe that all of these should be in your price range. Frankly, since this is “birth year” wine, I would buy a mix of modern and traditional styled bordeaux from both banks say 3 bottles of four producers from each bank or even weight it heavily to the left bank with 6 producers x 3 and 2 right bank x 3…

If you want a suggestion on the mixed cases, let us know - I’m sure a bunch of folks will have opinions…

09 is my anniversary year and I have bought the following in 6 packs or cases:
Branaire Ducru
Clos Fourtet
Larcis Ducasse
La Lagune
Barde Haut
Haut Bergey
Feytit Clinet
Fleur Cardinale
Clerc Milon

Also just to try and because they were great values
Haut Brisson La Reserve
Chateau Teyssier

Things I am considering buying are:
Leoville Barton
VCC if i can get a good enough price
Troplong Mondot if i can get a good enough price
Climens- which i have tasted twice and is unbelievable

Canon la gaff.

Check out the reports of the Southwold tasting in the UK, either on Jancis or the J&B or Farr Vintners websites. Neal Martin will publish notes in due course too. I was there, but don’t work for any of the businesses I’ve mentioned so no commercial interest, and Ch Canon did extremely well in the blind tasting format. It certainly fits your bill in terms of a traditional style and is seriously good in 2009.

Come on Vegas Boy, is this “traditional”?!?!


How are you feeling, BTW?

PS. I vote for 2009 GPL for this thread. Or La Lagune. I bought both. Both are agers, and are traditional.

Thank you everyone for the great suggestions!

I will end up buying 8 producers, 3 bottles of each:

Grand Puy Lacoste
Branaire Ducru
Climens (I had an 89 that rocked my world last year)
Le Gay
Certan de May
Gruaud Larose
Calon Segur

My plan is to drink 12 during birthday celebrations and gift the remaining case to him when he is 21. If he is not into wine, well then someone has to do the dirty work and drink the rest! [cheers.gif]

I have the same deal for my daughter, but she was born in 2008 so she gets a case of Barolos!

Romain, good on you for mentioning Calon Segur. I bought a full 12-bottle case and three mags. Calon Segur did a superb job in 2009.