2008 Weingut Ökonomierat Rebholz Chardonnay Spätlese Trocken R

Served to me double blind today. On first blush, this was a White Burgundy. With about thirty minutes, the wine was different. Unique stuff. I like this.

2008 Rebholz Okonomierat Chardonnay R Pfalz

At first the nose is caramelized fruit and minerals. There is some element that combines a little sulfur reduction and earthy element that is not unlike a 10 year old White Burgundy.
The palate is full and coats the tongue. Fabulous balance of acidity and minerality. The fruit is in the background to the minerality and earthy elements. Very nice length. When revealed I was shocked.
This is quite nice. A Pfalz chardonnay? I could only shake my head. With about 30 minutes time this develops more citrus type focus and a distinct petrol type element to me. It is mild but still there. Still retaining all the character of the wine when first poured. A yin/yang type of Chardonnay.