2008 Rouget Echezeaux Mag - Decanting opinions?

Yes it’s too early, but I have six mags of this and tonight one is being opened. It will be one of seven or eight different wines being served, and its a large group of eight couples. So we will likely enjoy it over an hour, not the entire evening. Soliciting opinions on decanting. Right now I’m planning on four hours, then back into the bottle an hour prior to serving. Curious if anyone has suggestions on how to maximize the enjoyment of this early opening? Confirming it’s a mag, if that influences your comment. Thanks in advance.

It’s tricky with young-ish burgs. Sometimes they are great out of the gate and then they close up after an hour or two. Hard to say. Sorry I’m no help BIIWY maybe lots & lots of air?

Some of the '08’s are surprisingly open right now. I like the idea of giving it maybe 2 hours of air and then going back into the bottle. That way, you still may some evolution in your own glass at dinner, but it still should be fairly open by then.

In any case I would open it 5-6 hours BEFORE decanting !
(not decant right after pulling the cork).
Then decant for about an hour …

Thanks all for your comments. Went with Gerhard’s suggestion. And a quick taste showed surprisingly open, so will only give it an hour or two decant.

Sounds yummy Brad. We need to explore some of the better winemakers that make a good Echez and GE!!!

Enjoy, Brad. Let us know how it goes.

Hope you are well.


Hi Patrick. A real joy - here’s my note from CT.
From mag. I was a bit perplexed as to how to approach decanting. Initially thought four hours. But after some suggestions pulled the cork early in the afternoon, decanted at 5:30pm for 30 minutes, and put back in the bottle. We drank it at 9:30. With hindsight I’d give it a couple hours of air vs. the 30 minutes. On the the wine - absolutely fantastic. Showing complexity, rich dark fruit, and pleasing from nose to finish. A great vintage, and these are going to be a joy to drink. I’d open another in the next couple of years without hesitation.