2008 Ponsot and the Guala Closure

Ponsot’s 2008s have received very strong reviews and sound like nice wines. They’re all closed with the synthetic “Guala” closure, though, which seems more advanced than most synthetic closures but still unproven. Any thoughts on whether there’s reason to be wary about cellaring these wines? I fully support the alternative closure approach–as nothing is more frustrating than expensive corked wine–but I’m also inherently skeptical of unproven synthetics.


I’ve never heard of a Guala closure, but looking at their website I see they make a version of a screwcap (including one for sparklers); is that – a screwcap – what Ponsot is using?

My understanding is that it’s an Italian-made synthetic/composite cork. Here’s what the Crush offer said:

“A bit of an iconoclast and torchbearer in tradition-steeped Burgundy, Ponsot has also with this vintage switched to using a composite cork made by Guala that Liger-Belair, among others, are also experimenting with.”