2008 Dom Pérignon

2008 Dom Pérignon Champagne - France, Champagne (8/28/2019)

Young, vived with lemon and peach, generous richness, lovely freshness and powerful long!

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Noticed the highly decorated wall behind the bottle. Are you in Dom Perignon heaven?

Barry is Dom Perignon

The Lobster & Ox a relaxed and trendy restaurant; with specialties St Mary’s Bay Lobster, Premium Marbled Reserve Beef and Champagne.

The 2008 Dom Pérignon was already absolutely delicious, the 2008 Cristal a few weeks ago was more salty, citrusy, tighter with great longevity.

Finally cracked a bottle of 08 and it’s no joke. Easily the best young Dom I’ve ever had…which is ideal as its the year my wife and I got married. I will continue to load up on these.

[media] Rich Brown on Instagram: "First bottle of 2008 Dom and it lived up to the hype. Just a beautiful young Dom with amazing citrus fruit and laser like precision. Cant wait to drink these over the next 25+ years. #domperignon #champagne #wine #2008vintage" [/media]

I could not resist the temptation and bought a glass at a Milan restaurant. Heavy pour thankfully, and very special. All class.

I have now had 3 bottles this year- the last 2 were not occasions where detailed notes were possible. I am posting on this thread to note that the wine has recently become unexpectedly accessible and is showing beautifully. The greatest potential is still there- but this has happily opened up since release and it is a great time to open a few before the long slumber begins.

I 1000% agree! This was my first bottle but I was shocked at how open this was right now. Way more giving than I expected, but obviously the best is yet to come. I can see this quickly becoming the largest single bottle holding in my cellar…and I’m not mad about that at all.

I would love to have many bottles of this. Very difficult now to find and the price has skyrocketed.

there’s quite a bit of it out there at <150 or less. It’s definitely harder to get at ~125 like 2009 was, though.

Tried 2009. For me it was nothing special. Comparable to a $70 champ.

2009 is in a weird place right now. I think it needs to be put away for a decade before it will be drinking well. It was amazing right after release but IMO it’s shut down. 06 stayed open for awhile but the last bottle we had wasn’t drinking so especially well. 08 is fantastic atm but I’m trying to keep my hands off of them, although I’ve built up an ok supply now and can probably drink them whenever I want.

Just tried it in vacation in Venice for 45 euros a glass. Thought it was a good by the glass price and loved the wine.

Hi Barry, Nice to see you here. DP08 is HEAVEN!

Hi John, welcome! Would love to read here some notes from your High End Tastings [cheers.gif]

I will Barry. In 3 weeks we will have a D’Auvenay tasting (12 btls i believe) with some Clos Mesnil Krug. That’s a good start for some notes [cheers.gif]

They are like $137 At Costco. And they have tons of them… :slight_smile:

I was going to pick some up in Hong Kong for slightly cheaper but seems checking out Costco would be better option then. Now… Who do I know that has membership? Lol