2008 Dom Perignon

Brisk lemon beautifully balanced by dense apple blueberry fruit. Long finish dusted with minerality and a terrific impression of elegance. Classic DP nose. This has to be one of the all time great DPs! 95pts

Happy Thanksgiving!
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How long did that take to open up?

About an hour. Not sure that this is the best vintage for current drinking but this will be great with a few years in the cellar.


I have a question, does it matter if I get the “legacy” or is that just bullshit marketing ?

the latter Nick

Missed out on the legacy release. Hope I wont miss the regular release.

Hopefully we can snag a few of the 5 million bottles from the wild champagne.gif

Legacy Packaging is boring. Luminous glow in the dark labels followed by Warhol are the best.

That’s amazing. No diff in juice. They literally just put a shinier label on it and release it earlier for $40ish more?? That’s a great marketing department.

I tasted / drank the 2008 Dom Pérignon the other day. It is better than the 2002 and the best Dom Pérignon since 1996. That being said, despite all the talk of them being risk takers and pushing the envelope (which is true within the confines of how much they produce), it is clear that the wines of today do not have the same intensity of character and ultimate quality as the great Dom Pérignon vintages of the 1980s, still less the 1960s. Given how much is produced, of course, it remains a remarkably high quality and consistent wine.

What are your favorite vintages of the 80s?

1985 and 1982.


For me, '85 DP is inferior to '96, '02 and '08.

Additionally, I find '96 to be on par with '82. To early for me to make a call, but '08 may surpass every DP going back to '76.

I agree the hey day of DP was from the late 40’s thru '76 and that might be the greatest three decade run of any Champagne house during the 20th century.

Hard to truly compare as the original disgorgements of '82 and '85 are getting a bit long in the tooth from all but the best cellars, whereas '96 and '02 are still in the flush of youth. The latest P3 disgorgement of the 1985, however, is a step above the 1996 P2 or original releases in terms of depth and complexity. But it sounds like we are essentially in agreement.

What I find perplexing is that, reading much of the critical commentary, one would conclude that a wine such as the 2002 Dom Pérignon is the equal or superior of a wine such as the 1988 Krug, and that just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Is the original disgorgement of 1976 DP still alive? I’ve seen a few bottles floating around but wasn’t sure they’re worth going after.

Well stored bottles of '71, '73 and '76 are spectacular.

Make sure the color is sound - more indicative than the fill.

I won’t buy any old dom unless you know the cellar.

Not a Champ-pro like you boys but the 2004 I popped last night was gorgeous, better than the very solid 2009 I had several weeks back. Amazing quality wine considering the quantity produced.

Had it last night. Great champer.