2008 Dehlinger Claret

2008 Dehlinger Claret

Boys, this baby is singing a tune right now. Drink 'em if you got 'em!

We were very underwhelmed by this wine recently. A lot of heat, not much else but purple.

Maybe an off bottle but we are not checking back in for awhile.

Interesting. I haven’t opened any of my '08s but the '07s are drinking very well at the moment.

We popped a bottle of the 1999 Estate cabernet at our Christmas party and it was spectacular, still young with good fruit. Our last bottle. The 2002 was good but not in the same league as the 1999.

Glenn, no heat on the bottle I opened last night. First taste was @ 2hr decant.

Wow, very surprised to hear that Glenn - I’d be more than happy to take ALL Dehlinger Clarets off your hands, if you wish!

I’m out of '08 but I agree, they are singing right now. I think I’ve had 3 this year, plus a bunch of '09’s. Just got my case of '05 Dehlinger Cab so I’m set for a while…

Fairly certain this was the first bad Dehlinger we ever opened. Mel called it bad wine before I ever tasted it. Bottle did not smell badly FWIW.

I sure hope not, as I don’t think a bottle has the ability to be bad at smelling! [snort.gif]

You really wanted me to write the bottle did not have a bad smell?

No, he doesn’t want anyone to say anything bad about Dehlinger…

My Dehlinger tastes have gravitated to Claret and Cabernet. Unique wines on light frameworks from RRV.

When I visited the winery I asked Carmen why Tom had planted Cabernet and she responded that somebody had told Tom in the 70’s that Cabernet would grow well in that block.

Actually I was correcting his grammar…only cuz I love the big lug

Kidding, I thought you posted in CC once looking for some. The last bottle marathon had some 2006 Pinot for $45 I thought that was a pretty good deal. My FIL has been on his list for years, I’ve many older bottles that were tremendous.

I had a somewhat oxidized 2007 Chardonnay this year, disappointing because they tend to hold up well. I can’t remember any other bad bottle. I’ve really been enjoying the late 1990s and early 2000s Pinots over the past few years.

Interesting - the only flawed Dehlinger I had was an 07 Chard also

I really like the Clarets, but boy do they require patience. The 05s are the ones that I’ve opened most recently.

I know what you mean. Sometimes I’ve had to wait hours for that truck.

Only disappointing Dehlinger I can recall was an '04 cab I opened a year or two ago. No obviously flaw, and it didn’t scream ‘too young’ to me. It just didn’t measure up to the many outstanding cabs I’ve had from them in the past. Even an '04 Claret around the same time was fine. I have one more that I’ll open in the next few months…I’m hoping for a better experience.

Would someone PLEASE sell me some pre-2008 Claret or Cab? I have none. [cry.gif]

I won’t sell you any of mine, but i’ll open some for you - come on over!

The ‘problem’ (depends on who you ask as to whether or not it is a problem) is that the young wines really have the oak ever-present. Always a quality wine, but when it integrates, it rewards you so richly that you realize it is best enjoyed with at least a little age on it. I had an '01 Cab a couple months ago and it was ridiculously good. You don’t have to wait forever, but definitely the 8-10 year mark from vintage seems to be the magic spot for the Claret/Cab (if you like fresh Cab - if you like it more earthy, wait!)