2008 and 2009 Congruence Napa Cab blowouts

I’m coming down to the last 3 months of Congruence as a business. I have to complete all sales by the end of November to close up shop by the end of the calendar year. I have four wines of which I have a decent amount left. The first two I am blowing out at cost and for which I am including free shipping on all purchases are the 2008 and 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons. You can find notes on Cellartracker. There is someone who really doesn’t like my wines there but that’s ok by me. Can’t please everyone, I guess.

Site prices are $45 for both bottlings. For Berserkers, I will knock $10 off the prices and include shipping on all orders, so $35 plus tax all in for you. All these wines (except for a couple of cases of the 2009) are located on the East Coast, so shipping will take place from there. Therefore, all orders must be emailed to me at steve@congruencewines.com and I will process them through my admin panel. If you want to save time, you can email me your particulars for shipping and billing. Given the pricing, I would greatly appreciate payment by check.

You folks have been great supporters of Congruence through the years and this is a thank you to you for that. Cheers.

A few people have contacted me and asked if there was still existing stock of these two wines. The answer is yes. I started this month with a bit under 50 cases of each of them. If stocks get very low, I will post here to advise same. Thanks to those who have ordered thus far.

I’ve always enjoyed these wines. I’m in.


Steve- E-mail sent. I’ve always enjoyed your wines. Thank you

Email sent here too. Thanks

Checks in the mail this weekend.

Closing this one down. I’ll give a couple of more days for people who expressed interest to act. If you haven’t sent your check, please do so. Thanks for the support.

Sent an email to hopefully place an order. Is it too late for this one?