2007 Terrien Chardonnay, Sonoma Valley

Never heard of this producer until seeing something on the board last summer. Bought a mixed case. To whoever’s post I saw: Thank you! I owe you big time! Opened my first bottle last night at a big deal (for Harpswell) charity dinner and auction, and have e-mailed Michael Terrien to reorder.

Pale straw color. A 2017 California Chardonnay should look like this! The aromas are both broad and penetrating, also amazingly varied; there is both apple and pear, just under that is a beautiful floral note, under that an herbal hint, and faintly, both earth and minerals. The palate is an absolute joy. The texture is medium to full-bodied, with an excellent blend of opulence and acidity, some real succulence here. The flavors precisely follow the aromas. The finish is quite long, but not ‘forever’ long. Still, this is a simply stunning glass of 15 year young Chardonnay. As this is my first experience, I hesitate to predict longevity, I’ve only got one bottle left (hope for 2 more), no worry to hold another year or two, five would be no surprise.

This tastes more old-world than new, like a mélange of 1er Crus from Meursault, Puligny and Chassagne. If succeeding bottles are in this league, I will add Terrien to my short list of great California Chardonnays, with Mount Eden, Ridge, Mayacamas and Stony Hill. This would be the first non-mountain CA Chardonnay to enter my personal pantheon. Rated 96.

Dan Kravitz

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Good to hear, Dan. I’ve been a fan for some time, since I had one in Maine some years ago. Maybe you saw a post by me!